Five Games You Like, But Won't Admit To

Gaming Irresponsibly's Adam Allcroft thinks he has found 5 games that people like, but hate to admit they do.

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Venox20083077d ago

only game I like from this list is Kirby :) and I'm admitting it :)

ChrisW3077d ago

I was too young (5 years old) when E.T. came out to understand that they would ever release a broken game. My brother and I tried it and tried it numerous times. And then my brother actually beat it... and we only played it once or twice after that.

But to be honest, there were some sort of fond memories of playing it... ... vague fond memories.

Anon19743077d ago

That game friggin scarred me as a child. Trying again and again to get myself out of those stupid holes, only to fall back down. I still have nightmares. I can`t believe they`d trivialize just how bad this game was. You weren`t there, man! You don`t know!

ChrisW3077d ago

Honestly, I never knew it was a broken game until it started getting smattered all over the Internet.

Now the movie... the end part with all of the guys in white suites... that scared the shit out of me! I actually HAVE NOT watched that movie again!!!

Perjoss3077d ago

Viva Pinata!

...there I said it.

Pikajew3077d ago

I love pokemon and Kirby

Kee3077d ago

I play pokemon in plain sight of my friends. I don't care. Their loss if they think it's too childish to play.

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