Kinect Star Wars Adds Rancor Mode

Not only will you be able to romp and stomp around as a Rancor, but you'll also be able to roar, jump, charge and destroy everything in sight. You'll also be able to chow down on everything from Stormtroopers to Jawas to droids, and the Rancor can also go toe to toe with AT-STs and even pull TIE Fighters down out of the sky.

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-LUKE_SKYWALKER-3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

I heard Berserkers cry like little puppies when the see a Rancor:)

This just sealed the deal for me - who am I kidding being the star wars geek that I am and my love for everything star wars I was buying this game for the R2D2 console anyway.

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Redgehammer3087d ago

That sounds like great fun.

Urmomlol3087d ago

You guys do realize this is a game made for kids, right?

-LUKE_SKYWALKER-3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

You do realize that some of us have kids that we have to buy games for, right?

Also some of us like spending some gaming time with our kids and games like these appeal to them and us.

Why do so called hardcore gamers think that they are the only one entitled to games.

3087d ago
Bigpappy3087d ago

I am buying it for myself. Don't need troll lectures or advise on what to spend my money on.

IM_A_NINJA3087d ago

We don't know the rating yet, but most Star Wars games get between a E and T, which means Everyone can pretty much play them.

I am an adult, but I also love Star Wars. This is a game I've been very interested in since I heard about it last year. I also love games like Mario, Jak And Daxter and Viva Pinata, does that make me a kid? I don't think so.

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