FFXIII Only Suffered Because It Was Called "Final Fantasy"

Final Fantasy XIII is a hot topic amongst long-time fans and the truth of the matter is clear: the only reason the debate exists at all is because the game has "Final Fantasy" in the title.

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Godmars2902839d ago

Can't really say no, but then I still can't say that the game was good.

thugbob2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I half agree with this.

FF13 is a bad game in general in my opinion not just a bad FF game like the author is trying to imply.

The only reason why I think FF13 would have received more praise from myself and others if it was a new IP would be because we would have thought of it as good first effort. People would still complain about the linearity, battle system, and story, but would be more considerate.

RedDead2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Comparing it with every aspect I expect from a 'that' type of RPG. It was a fail imo. I wasn't even expecting much and I was still disappointing. I will give it a second chance pretty soon if I can find it cheap though(mistake?). The real problem was they waited so ong to make the battles like they are on pulse, they just got boring and tedious for the first 10 chapters(about 20 hours for me).

I literally couldn't be bothered anymore so i'll assume what i here is correct when they say it gets better after that. But 20 hours of tedious is too much, some boss battles were alright and Eidolon battles were good but that's it. I stopped on pulse, I couldn't imagine myself playing any more, it was either stop here to do side missions(ie more battles) or continue with the game and let it get linear again. I chose neither

Now Music was good but average for a FF imo. CHaracters....meh for most. Hope Snow doesn't return for FFXIII-2 but of course he will, and shitty NORA is there too now(Fvck!) I hated them. Baldanders was a piece of crap as well. Worst FF villain ever.

On the upside it looks amazing. Specially art design and Pulse was just very nice

xtheownerzx2839d ago

Final Fantasy suffered only because it was Final Fantasy in title alone.

Peaceful_Jelly2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

FFXIII was pretty much fail even if it had a different name. In fact, I believe that with a different name its review scores and sales would have been much worse.

And why people say that only the first half of the game was linear? The game went like this:

"20 hours of tutorial and corridors ---> much bigger but still an empty field with just some monsters and low res textures everywhere ---> back to the same linearity until you kill Orphan and the game ends"
----------------------------- -------------------

Most of the story is just the characters whining about their bad luck and the hardships of being a L-cie and then some pep-talks. The reall story is all hidden within the menu in a section called "Datalogs" or something.
----------------------------- -------------------

The gameplay was all about pressing the X button as fast as you can, then changing paradigms to heal and walking through a corridor. Rinse and repeat. The only time this strategy will change is for the really tough monsters that are only available in the post-game. That if you have what it takes to beat this borefest.
----------------------------- -------------------

Good points? Graphics, music and that is it. It seems that's all it takes to convince people these days into believing that what they just played was a "decent" game.

Kamikaze1352839d ago

Had it been an entirely new franchise, I'm sure it would have done better. With the "Final Fantasy" name comes a lot of expectations.

Godmars2902839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Really considering it, I think that if FFXIII was a new IP under a wholly different title - the devs would have tried harder. Last Remnant was a new Square IP and that failed, but it didn't fail for the same reasons that XIII did. That dev team tried harder where the FF team likely rested on the FF name. So its easy to assume that a non-FF team would have made a better game than XIII turned out being.

It sure as heck wouldn't have been a linear title with a 20+ hour tutorial.

Just to be clear I'm saying that if the game didn't bear the FF name, it wouldn't have been the game that it is. It was Square's - Wada's - fault that it turned out the way it did. That he went against the basic grain of trying to milk one FF world with three - now four - titles before reaction to the first example could be publicly measured. Of dictating creativity rather than simply letting it happen.