Catherine Coming To Australia

The Japanese developed game Catherine has been making a bit of noise overseas after being localised and released in the United States and Europe region. This crazy platform puzzle adventure title is now heading down to Australia after video game retailers Game and EB have launched the product on their website.

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rataranian2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

So that's really how it works huh? Atlus: "Oh it's actually doing good? Hm..SHIP IT EVERYWHERE!!!"

AntoineDcoolette2835d ago

Well they need to be able to recoup on the costs of getting it into stores : /

Lavalamp2835d ago

Atlus doesn't have studios in Europe or Australia, so they have to outsource the publishing rights to other companies.

jessupj2835d ago

I'll be renting my copy from getgaming on monday :)

That's what they told me anyway, even though from the article it's implying Catherine won't be released in Australia until october.