Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor control scheme combines Xbox 360 controller and Kinect

Capcom reveals new details about next year's Xbox 360 exclusive Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, including a hybrid control scheme that read inputs from both an Xbox 360 gamepad and a Kinect controller.

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newleaf3081d ago

It is good to finally have confirmation that this will be a kinect hybrid game. Core players can finally come out of hiding, the first real kinect game is here!!

EVILDEAD3603081d ago

Been looking forward to Steel Battalion since last year's announcment. The Hybrid path is obviously the most logical for this kind of game and one that I'm sure many future devs will probably adopt.

The fact is making Kinect optional for some titles is a win-win for gamers and the devs. Regardless of the control scheme I'm glad that Capcom is revisiting this franchise..especially for those of us who don't want or have to pull out the dusty 100 button


Wintersun6163081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Why is it that when a core PS3 game can be played from start to finish with Move, it's not considered a real Move game, and people whine that Move needs more Move-exclusive games, but when Xbox360 gets a game that seemingly can't be played on Kinect alone, it's now a real Kinect game?

I'm not pointing at you, though, I'm talking in general.

Wasn't Kinect supposed to revolutionize the way we play games? So far all I've seen is casual party, music and fitness games with little content and now that a core game is coming which supports Kinect, it needs the controller too. In my mind this makes Kinect seem more and more like a gimmicky accessory, rather than a completely different way to play games.

PSVita3081d ago

i feel the same way. Seriously though this game had a cgi trailer w/o gameplay a year ago and now they give us another and a late 2012 release.

green3081d ago

@Wintersun616 :Thats not even the same thing. Do some research or at least read the article before you start whinning about how your precious PS3 exclusives are treated.

Steel Battalion uses both Kinect and your controller to play the game at the same time.

"The control scheme in Heavy Armor apparently involves a hybrid of Kinect motion controls and Xbox 360 gamepad inputs. The physical controller is what you’ll use for navigating through the world and raining destruction down on your enemies, probably some approximation of a standard control scheme for a first-person shooter.

The Kinect, on the other hand, will keep track of your “upper body gestures,” to fire up your tanks, make use of the scope and switch over to the vehicle’s machine gun turret. You’ll also use Kinect to interact with your fellow crew members… which hopefully means that the game will offer some sort of co-op component as well"

Why o why3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

No need to be like that green, sheesh, is everybody just a sony x y or z to you...chill out

This is the hybrid system that will be the best suited for this and games like it. It opens doors for different control interactions like the forza head tracking and stuff. I honestly prefer this direction for kinect. Capcom have acknowledged that this method is the best fit. Ill admit that some people from both sides are clinging too hard to the pr speak of you are the controller ...let it be, time to open doors not keep em shut. Its things like this that make me even consider kinect. A friend has one so ive played most of the stuff..not my thing. Please accept this as my honest feelings

kaveti66163081d ago

revolutions don't always result in good things or things that you think are good.

Kinect will revolutionize the way games are played, but it's only a touchstone.

It adds a new level of dimension to gaming.

Right now, only a few "core" games will feature Kinect mechanics, but in the future voice commands, facial recognition and body tracking will be a major aspect of the gaming experience. At least I think that way about it.

Resisting motion controls is like resisting 3D. Hate it all you want but the masses will eat it up.

EVILDEAD3603081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

@ Wintersun

Green's response hit it right on the head

This is what Wintersun wrote about Kinect a week and a half ago..

'No matter what games come for Kinect, it will always be a failed gaming gimmick to me and I can't enjoy playing on it, because of the nature of gameplay it has. I've tried a few games like Dance Central, Kinect Sports and Child of Eden, and I didn't enjoy them on any level, because I found the controls frustrating and laggy. Thus IMO it doesn't matter what games come for it, it's a big fat failure without buttons'

So it doesn't matter if a game is hybrid or not..

On Topic..

The truth is Sony strategy with Move has been to primarily implement it with games as an alternate controller. Micrsoft spent the firs year primarily building experiences that were exclusive to Kinect. That strategy has worked.

But, the shift has now to use Kinect wherever it makes sense..and I believe is there smartest strategy by far. The 'better with Kinect' motto allows developers to use Kinect for it's strengths and not simply tack on control where they would be useless.

See unlike Winter I own Kinect, so I laugh when he pretends that Dance Central, and Kinect Sports are laggy...not even close to the truth. Which is why those games sold in the millions.

At the end of the day, Micrsoft is clearly supporting Kinect in a huge way and I salute them for that. People always try to call Kinect out for just having dance, fitness, and mini-games. But, look at the Wii..Look at Move's 'exclusives'. Sony's big Move announcement is that they are about to release a dance and fitness game for this year. Do you hear any complaints? Nah..


green3081d ago

@why oh why: This is a 360 article and he is clearly a troll. Read his whinning going on below. Instead of complaining about my attituude, why dont you complain about his or at least set him straight?

Why o why3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

@ green, Then i stand corrected. I just read it for what it was and have zero knowledge of his comment history. Not a fan of the segregation though. Anybody should be allowed to comment as long as theres a relation but i understand where you're coming from.

@ evil, kool dude, red handed. In regards to 'Will you hear complaints' will if thats the main direction sony head. People who like move have been screaming for that sorcery game if you've ventured into any move threads...more move only core games so you're right and since your a good digger you'll find ive stated on many occasions that ms's support of kinect shouldnt be scoffed at by anybody even if its not to peoples liking ( you will also find stuff about elephants and faked shows and kinect needing a dedicated input device like a pad so ignore those bits for the sake of diplomacy;). I stated above that this is the stuff that would interest me because i can only vouch for myself but i can see games like this opening a few doors but im just not into what kinect has at the moment.

Wintersun6163081d ago

@EVILDEAD360: I actually didn't think about using Kinect as a hybrid before, and I do agree that this is the right way to implement Kinect to enhance the experience of core games. After considering this I don't support my fanboy words from last week and would like to take it back, but this is internet. Used like that, Kinect is not a bad thing at all, but for now I personally prefer a device like Move, which completely changes the way I play games. This might change in the future, when there are more core games that take advantage of Kinect as a supportive element for the controller though.

EVILDEAD3603081d ago

@ Winter..

Look man there is no hard feelings if you don't like Kinect you don't like it. But, I'm just calling a spade a spade. If you say NO MATTER WHAT is released your not going to like it then why the hypocrisy. Just jump in Move articles and support that.

@ Why

Look I'm actually a fan of motion controls. I bought Move, a controller, and like 5 games not too long after it was released. I've own a Wii since year one as well.

See I'm going to keep it real about Sony's strategy. Having the Move as an predominantly as an alternate controller looks good on paper, but when the implementation is tacked on like some of the games, then it starts to become a novelty that wears off quickly.

I absolutely LOVED Sports Champions and it's still my all-time fave Move game. But, a lot (not all) of the games that have Move compatability make me want to go back to the DS3. Some are horrible (Tiger Woods 11 and MAG both p-ed me off). But I love Top Darts and I bought Tiger Woods 12 two days ago because EA actually got it together. But, let's face it, if K3 and SOCOM can't convince the masses that the DS3 can't be topped then I'm not sure if R3 has a chance. So then what 'core' experiences are we talking about? Start the Party is a blast, but it's the kind of game that Kinect gets bashed for. Move heroes is another mini-game compilation that Kinect get bashed over. Kung-Fu rider? Eye Pet?

Which is why Move could definately use another exclusive built just for it's capabilities. I'm disappointed that Sony didn't drop Sports Champions 2 this year. Instead i'm not sure that Sorcery competing against Medieval is a good thing for either of those titles.

Kinect has a quite a few duds as well..and we ALL know the Wii does. But, I just laugh at when people call out Microsoft for doing exactly what every other gaming simply in the name of this silly console war.


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green3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

double post

soljah3081d ago

so what to kinect "you are the controller". might as well be a move game. hey maybe Sony new what they were doing after all. you need some type of input device for any type of real core games.

newleaf3081d ago

Sony knew what they were doing indeed...copying nintendo

3081d ago
TyrionL3080d ago

God damn I get SO sick of seeing this stupid F$%KING argument. MS went on record in 2009 before it was even called Kinect (it was still called Natal) saying that there would be all 3 types of games when Kinect released. The 3 types being traditional (controller) games, Kinect (you are the controller) games, and Hybrid (you and the controller together) games. What is so f&^king hard to understand? Why do you people keep saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over. Give it a rest, it's not like MS is going back on what they said. I just can't stand this bullshit argument anymore. Just because YOU didn't pay attention to anything but the negative doesn't make your argument right. It's just fodder for pathetic fanboy to spew over and over and over and over. Jeez, come up with something that you can actually back up to bash Kinect with, because this weak, feeble, ignorant, bullshit, pathetic, argument doesn't work, and it never did.

3081d ago
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Wish they made it that it worked with the old SB controller.

Wintersun6163081d ago

@newleaf: Isn't that exactly what Microsoft is doing? Copying Sony.. Remember EyeToy?

@green: How is it not the same thing? With Move you can play many core games, but yet I see people whining that they need to make games for Move only until they can be called core Move games. I really don't understand how somebody sees this choice between DualShock and Move as a bad thing. You can play several games with either one of them. Compared to Kinect which so far has no core games and it seems like the future core games will still require a controller. My point here is that Move is actually the device that can revolutionize the way we play games on it's own, all kinds of games, not just casual fun-games, while Kinect so far hasn't shown it can handle a core game on it's own.

And yes, I know Wii already revolutionized it, but Move has made it accurate enough to attract the core audience too and provide core games for it too.

green3081d ago

It is not the samething at all. Stell Battalion can not be played only with a controller like KIllzone 3,Resistance 3 or Socom. Neither can it be played with only KInect.

To play the game you need to own both a Kinect and a controller.

With the PS3 titles that people complain about, you do not need MOVE at all to play them.

TyrionL3080d ago

@ Wintersun616
I'm sorry man but I have to call you out.
You say "And yes, I know Wii already revolutionized it, but Move has made it accurate enough to attract the core audience too and provide core games for it too."
I have to disagree with you. It's not the accuracy that makes y'all claim "It's the best", it's the logo on it. If any other company made it you same device you same fanboys that praise the hell out of it would be bashing it the same way ya'll bashed the Wii, and bash Kinect now. You can lie to yourself and everyone else here, but anyone that visits this site with a rational, unbiased mind knows exactly why Move is accepted by your "crew". If it didn't have the Sony logo on it, it would get the same hate everything else does. That is what makes ya'll a joke to the industry. Your laughable bias.

mcstorm3081d ago

Wow ps3 fan boys out in force again. Stop moaning about kinect and go and play all your exclusive games that you can use move with and stop trying to tell us all who have kinect it dose not work when we all know it dose and to say move and PS eye do the same thing as kinect then show me a game that works in the dark with full body tracking and voice control?
Move is good tec but Sony use it a different way to me are using kinect. Which to me is better for us gamers as it means different types of games using the controllers.

Anyway I can't wait for this game. I had the original game and loved it. People have been saying for along time they would like to see some of the original Xbox games back on the 360 and I hope this is the start of more to cone. But I think the 360 is going to have a big end to the year and if this game is anything to go by for next year a big year for games next year.

StifflerK3081d ago

Glad to hear Steel battalion is a hybrid game.

The great thing about Kinect is that it's the only motion controller that you can use at the same time as a standard joypad.
There's a lot of potential in enhancing core games and letting us do things that weren't possible before.

And I think it's great the way MS are supporting it. If you're a Kinect owner there's a lot to look forward to.

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