We're the Enemy (DRM and used game controversy)

Leon Thomas takes on digital rights management and the increasing control that companies have over the games we own.

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ardawen3087d ago

I agree you can read my plea on BT

jessupj3087d ago

It's true. I wonder if online passes are going to continue to get worse or will they eventually fade away one day. I can only hope.

gamingdroid3087d ago

It's gonna get worse. As soon as companies start smelling money, they will flock to it.

Online passes are likely a reality now and all we can hope for is someone really wanting to compete, so they do right by gamers. Right now, BF3 was that, but instead EA opted to scr*w the gamer off even more than Activision.

Oh, the irony!

No_Pantaloons3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

"making me keep a constant internet connection like a dead-beat under house arrest wearing an ankle bracelet. Need to keep an eye on me every f****** second ..." LOL, hilarious!

Video is 100% true. The war isn't with pirates, they will exist regardless, its being fought between the companies and their customers. Sadly the companies are winning cause the customers are allowing it to.

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