New Famitsu Scans of Devil May Cry 4

Wow! after waking up to such a bad news from sony Europe today i think these might help keep the flames burning again.

Japanese Magazine[Famitsu] scans of the one and only [email protected] devil himself comes to light.

We learn in this article that Yuji Shimomura will direct the cutscenes again, and that the principal character will be Nero. The history will take place between the first two shutters of the saga.

The gameplay will remain rather close to the precedents [ps2 version], and the PS3 will make it possible to carry out movements which were impossible with the PS2, like "Devil Bringer", a kind of action démoniaque coming from the right arm of Nero.

Lastly, the title will play on 60 images per seconds and will be playable at TGS at the end of the month
french site.

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clayton5871d ago

Devil May be Delayed Ha HA aha aha hahahahahah

Sevir045871d ago

The ps3 is only delayed in Europe. the ps3 still launches in NA and japan on the 11th and 17th of nov 2006. and besides this game isn't secheduled to be released untill feb-march 2007 anyways... in any case games are always complete before a console launches.. most of the 360's launch games were done from days to 2 weeks before it launched... so DMC aint affected by this any att all. and whats even better europe will see a better launch titles come march

BURLY5871d ago

...given the fact that profits from the PS3 (alone) will not recoup their development costs with all of the system delays and production problems Sony is having.

I think that chances are good we'll be seeing this game on the 360 in the not too distant future and I think that chances are also good that Ninja Gaiden will remain a 360 exclusive and obliderate this game -- just like last gen!

DJ5871d ago

Damn, they act like the PS3's not coming out in Japan and U.S. O well, wishful thinking I guess. The scans look really good, though the whole 'different main character' thing kinda threw me off. I think it'll be pretty fun turning the character from the first 3 titles into an enemy.

BURLY5871d ago

100,000 in Japan and only 400,000 in the US!

Given the fact that these numbers are probably inflated, subject to chang3 (i.e. lower even more), and that a fairly sizable amount will end up being allocated as store demo's -- ...and I'd say that Sony is getting very close to a "PAPER LAUNCH" (in the truest sense).

clayton5871d ago

half a million people world wide will have a PS3 woohoo there goes their world dominance. LOL Microsoft is #1 baby baaabbby

Silverwolf5871d ago

But I also have to give Fumitsu props. They have an awsome layout. The way there magazine is laid out they can make a crappy game look so promising.

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The story is too old to be commented.