Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Breakdown: Stackable Killstreaks?

ModernWarfare3Videos - The Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer teaser has been released and along side many breakdowns and analysis, here is what we have found out looking at the teaser with a lot of attention to detail.

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Best3079d ago

Without stackable killstreaks, I would never get a nuke.

georgeenoob3079d ago

Wow WTF INFINITY WARD! Seriously, treyarch took out the main problem from MW2 to discourage camping and now you guys are bringing it back? Whats next are they gonna bring back danger close noob tubing, commando, shitty camping maps, and death streaks? Are they retarded? Good thing I'll be playing gears 3 instead.

seinfan3078d ago

ha, that made me lol... cuz it's true. bubs+

csreynolds3080d ago

If you watch the trailer carefully, the kill feed shows that an AC 130 kills fourzerotwo, not the device. So yes, it looks like Killstreaks can be stacked.

GTO_Delta3080d ago

The AC130 icon its a bug, the game its not 100% finished and polished, its a BUG.

Cpt_kitten3079d ago Show
csreynolds3079d ago

Again, watch the trailer CAREFULLY...

supersonicjerry3079d ago

Why don't you guys just stop arguing about it and wait till we see more on sept.1st

csreynolds3078d ago

Yes supersonicjerry, arguing, not trying to actually explain something that Bowling responded to via Twitter days after the trailer was released...

*rolls eyes*

chriski3333079d ago

The game will never be finished its COD

Miiikeyyy3079d ago

Thankfully people are starting to realise how bad the game is:

xX_Altair_Xx3079d ago

I hope not! This was one of the main problems with MW2 - too easy to rack up 20+ kills once you got 5.

theonlylolking3079d ago

I think they should increase the amount of points it takes to get the Uber killstreaks while keeping stackable killstreak rewards.

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The story is too old to be commented.