Anarchy Reigns multiplayer trailer

SEGA released a new trailer for Anarchy Reigns.

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3085d ago Replies(1)
jdktech20103085d ago

I went from wow this is crappy, to not bad....maybe next year or next summer

jc485733085d ago

please do, but also let other people know about this game though.

Myst3085d ago

Yeah it's what I've slightly been doing since they have been showcasing characters.

mamotte3085d ago

...I feel really sad. I was looking forward for this game, I mean, I was like: "cool characters, online multiplayer, it's a beat'em up... finally, a game I'll be able to finish with friends!"

Ad then the game show it's multiplayer: Deathmatch and Survival. No multiplayer story mode? really? Meh, I'm coming back to my SNES to play Turtles in Time...

jc485733085d ago

where the hell have you been? have you been watching the videos? have you even seen the story trailer?

mamotte3084d ago

I've seen the characters trailers. Can you show me the ones you are saying?