Will A PS3 Price Drop Help Sony Beat Xbox 360 This Holiday?

Gamertag Radio writes: "Sony just announced during GamesCom 2011 that the PlayStation 3 is now cheaper than ever, just $249. It's a great price for non-PS3 owners (like me!). But will this help them compete with Xbox 360 this holiday season?"

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Abash2833d ago

I hope so. The PS3 and it's exclusive games deserve more success.

firemassacre2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

the ps3, has, is, and will continue to outsell the 360. especially with the 250 dollar price tag. it is sure to dominate this holiday season like it always has.

@godfree, there is a a giant world out there outside the usa, full of forests, safaris, deserts, and most importantly...the rest of the world.

fluffydelusions2833d ago

Yeah but ms will drop the price soon too.

units2833d ago

you also seem to be forgetting gears 3 and forza 4

Jocosta2833d ago

And yet another geography lesson from you people, please cease with these obvious statements.

AAACE52833d ago

A Ps3 price drop is not needed really, but would help a lot!

I have noticed 360's being sold left and right on craigslist. I am even trying to sell one myself or trade for a Ps3 and have had no responses.

It is clear that people are leaving the 360 and moving on to different things such as the Ps3.

It took me a while to accept the fact that Ps3 is where it's at right now. I have been playing on my Ps3 a lot more since I let my XBL subscription end. Which is why i'm getting rid of the other 360 so I can give it to my sons, because they want to abandon 360 as well.

Now is the time to make the move!

BattleAxe2833d ago

PS3 will dominate:

- $249.00 price point
- Remastered ICO and Shadow of the Colossus
- Remastered God of War: Chains of Olympus
- Remastered GoD of War: Ghost of Sparta
- Resistance 3
- Uncharted 3
- Payday: The Heist
- The Last Guardian
- Starhawk

MysticStrummer2833d ago

@Jocosta - Look at godfree's statement. Geography lessons are clearly still needed. OT - I expect Sony to continue to closing the gap with this price cut, but I also expect MS to drop the 360's price before Christmas. That, plus the fact that two of their three big exclusives are having sequels this year, leads me to expect Sony will still be behind in January.

EarthLover2833d ago

firemassacre, you are completely delusional. Tell me, if PS3 is and always has been outselling 360 around the world, why did Sony drop the price? No one ever drops the price when they are in first place in sales, which is what ps3 would have to be if they are outselling 360 around the world as you say, wii is dead.

TheXtreme2833d ago

After reading the article's title all I have to say is LoL!

Phantasm2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Even though the 360 is 6 years in, the PS3 has still had 5 years into this gen with plenty of exclusives, blu-ray, JAPAN and more, but it just hasn't been enough to dominate. Another price cut was needed, and I'm sure Sony is in a position to do so. But... MS is gonna drop the hammer as well. This is how it usually works with the 2.

All this being said, all 3 companies are doing well this gen, and are profiting. Shareholders only care about the mighty dollar.

zeeshan2833d ago

Honestly, I really don't think so. I think M$ has locked down the NA region this gen. 360 will continue to outsell PS3 here because you can grab a 360 for a mere $199! Add different promotions such as promotions by Walmart, Amazon, Target, DELL etc, you can grab a 360 for $150 and even $99 (remember the Walmart deal 2 years ago). Sony's cheapst PS3 model is $249. Price plays a major role in today's world, in today's economy.

Things might have been TOTALLY different if we were to see a $199 PS3 announcement though!

Anon19742833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Without a doubt, the price cut will help the PS3 beat the 360 this holiday season. Think about it. Last year the 360 launched the 360 slim, was the cheaper console, had a new Halo game AND the launch of Kinect. End was able to tie the PS3 for the holiday quarter.

What does that tell you? The fact that the 360 managed to outsell the PS3 one quarter out of almost 2 years doesn't suddenly change the fact that overall, the 360 has been 3rd place ever since it had any competition. 2009 anyone? The 360 had quite the commanding lead in 2009 as well as PS3 sales started to slow, only to lose that year by over 2 million to the PS3, due to a PS3 price cut.

EVILDEAD3602833d ago

According to the financial reports the 360 is currently ahead worldwide for fiscal 2011. But let's face it, the 360 will NEVER lead worldwide by a long shot simply on the strength of Japan.

Japan barely buys the PS3s top exclusives but what the country does do for Sony is buy hardware in their home country. The 360 barely sells in Japan and that trend is simply not going to change this gen. Those numbers go a long way to offset the 360s momentum in North America.

The PS3 pricecut will absolutely provide a shot in the arm for the PS3 this Fall and holiday season. Europe was the perfect place to announce the cut as it is where the battleground for hardware is the closest between the two consoles.

The verdict is out on if Micrsoft is going to wait this one out and see if their is true traction to the announcement or reply with their own price cut immediately to counter the news.

Either way, Sony can look forward to some bigger hardware number in the upcoming months.

The plot thickens...


darthv722833d ago

the price cut will help sell some units. This is typical when sales slow that companies look to cost cutting to bring sales back up to their expected percentages.

The if this beats that or this or whatever....fanboyish drivel.

The companies are concerned with THEIR estimates and percentages FIRST. If they happen to surpass a competitor in the process is secondary. Keep in mind that sony has been competing against itself since the ps3 released. I would bet they are wanting to meat or beat their existing goals more so than the wii or 360.

Its only the fanboys that want to spin this around to a pissing contest.

Lazy_Sunday2833d ago

I hate to rain on everyone's parade, but in all truth I have my doubts, since the average person--when buying a console for the various holidays--thinks out of stupidity. They see the Xbox 360 and go, "hey, that's $50 cheaper than the PS3. That's a good deal!" Then they realize they need a bigger HDD. $$$. Then they realize they need XBL. $$$. Then they need the Kinect $$$. Then they need another controller. $$$. Then they need batteries... ugh... and now you know how Microsoft profits from selling a console so cheaply.
Then again, the 360 unit with the Kinect does cost more than the 160GB PS3 now, hopefully that means the PS3 will grab a more incentive buy.

@units: yeah, but it's kind of disappointing considering the 360 has a 1 year lead and should be dominating the market. You also seem to forget that while Gears and Forza are very popular in the US, they sell poorly worldwide. The arcade type handling of Forza and the ultra-gore of Gears without a real diverse nature to it tends to keep away those that want titles with more realistic depth or diversity. While the PS3 does have titles similar to the 360, it has more titles and very different IPs, which is what makes it unique to the market.

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Joule2833d ago

What the hell is this shit? PS3 has been consistently the 360 worldwide for months now. The only region the 360 actually has more sales in is USA.

2833d ago
kaveti66162833d ago

I'm glad they made a price drop because my PS3 is starting to act up.

dantesparda2833d ago

In the US no I don't think so

kingdoms2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

What the heck is going on in here? Ps3 fanboys saying PS3 has been outselling the 360 worldwide despite Sony and Microsoft official reports saying otherwise LOL. I know most the kids on here don't know about it because it was basically hidden on n4g due to members flooding the site with stories so it would get pushed back without notice.

Sony dropped the price because they could no longer hide the fact even from the rabid morons that make up the vocal part of Sony's base. Sony did this because fooling fanboys no longer made investors feel secure.

PS3 can't beat the 360 because PS3 doesn't offer what the masses want which is the total package in gaming a mix of the greatest franchises in modern gaming history, multiplatform and exclusives and the hottest motion tech in gaming kinect.

The 360 will have a huge boost from being a set top box for advanced digital tv this fall.

Microsoft always quietly matches the price drop after they make sure Sony follows through. No way in hell will PS3 beat the 360 with Forza, Gears, Halo, COD, BF3, The witcher 2, elder scrolls all on XBL with hybrid kinect games coming soon after.

Typing on Android do this is messy

DigitalRaptor2833d ago

You know what else is messy?

Your brain, I think it might be leaking...

Christopher2833d ago

Not in the U.S. Gears of War + CoD = 360 sales will dominate U.S. Holiday season.

Worldwide? Likely.

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godfree2833d ago

How? The Xbox 360 is selling more units in the U.S. than any other console in 12 of the past 13 months.

Mr-Dude2833d ago

Or you stil living in the past, but their are other countries out their.. The world isn't made up by the USA only.. And the world is ROUND not FLAT..

iamnsuperman2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

well said Ddude.

@godfree The link is the map of the world. You might want to see it now and again just to make sure we are out there. Just because it sells better in the US doesn't mean it applies to the world

HungPHATx2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Dude you won't win with this guy ! He in bed with MS for some reason ! I've Been gaming since 1981 ! Forgot more than he knows ..... The world is bigger than the US ? really ? LOL...

Ask him how 360 is doing in Japan ? I'll tell you , reports from retailers that there pulling them off the shelfs cause lack of sales and the launch of the VITA , you couldn't give 360's away in Japan But no ! Know one wants to talk they ?!

Agent_hitman2833d ago


well said dude, World is round not flat.. therefore ps3 has the potential.. kudos!

Boody-Bandit2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Ddude you're wasting your time.
godfree is a MS fan and a Sony, well let's just say he pretends to be impartial but he is as transparent as a rolled down window. Last I heard he does not even own a PS3 yet he is always giving his opinion (usually not good or at best back handed complements) on the console, it's games and options and features (PS+, PSN, etc..).

Ask him and the other tabloid bloggers where are the articles about MS giving away 360's with PCs and laptops for students? That promotion has been going on the past several weeks and probably will continue to do so for the next several weeks.

That surely isn't impacting XBox 360 sales in his (godfrees) world (America). /s

I was really hoping Sony would've dropped the price to $199. That is the sweet spot. And as far as others saying MS will drop the price again. To what? Giving them away with happy meals? They have been at the $199 price point for a long time already and they only place the are pulling in big numbers is in America. You know, the world! /s

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consolez_FTW2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Of course the 360 is selling more units in America. I guess you just figured just to ignore the rest of the world though...smh

k-dillinger2833d ago

yea when you are giving away your console for free and throwing half a billion on marketing yea that's hard to beat for anyone but 360 has no games so ps3 is easily the best choice.

just_sayin2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Yeah MS is always giving out 360s. I'm surprised you can't get one for buying a kids meal.

qwertyz2833d ago

M$ will just retaliate with a price cut of their own

gaden_malak2833d ago

They might not, they are still selling well at the current price.

Software_Lover2833d ago

WHO F'N CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

I mean the interwebz is just giving crazies too much of a voice.

Both consoles are now established and are not going the way of the Dreamcast. That is the only thing that SHOULD matter to a gamer. Consoles will be sold, games will be made for said consoles. End of Story.

I wonder if Maytag sold more fridges than GE? If so I guess I need to be pissed off about my GE and go cry somewhere. Hell, I might as well beat my LG Washing Machine with a sledge hammer because I'm sure they came in last place.

_Aarix_2833d ago

I doubt it, People kept claiming this would mean or that would mean, the death of the xbox but nothing has really took xbox down and i'm not expecting it too either. Plus ms can afford to drop price of the xbox to $99 (which you can get a gamestop for that price)

GamersRulz2833d ago

if selling less than a PS3 is considered a victory, then yes PS3 can't beat the xbox because as far as I know PS3 is leading WW sales for long time now.

_Aarix_2833d ago

i don't know about Ww sales. All I know is the 360 is still selling more and it is in great shape.