Will Vita Get The Same Hate As PS3?

VelocityGamer writes: The PS3 has endured a great deal of unfair criticism by the gaming media since it launched in 2006, and with the new Vita portable on the way we are left wondering if it too will be put through the wringer.

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disturbing_flame3077d ago

It's a question you need to ask to the haters, you certainly will have an answer.

gw4k3077d ago

Who is hating on the PS3? Some people dislike it but it isn't hate. It is opinion. I can't wait for the Vita. Looks very promising.

LOGICWINS3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

@gw4k- I think the term "hate" in this scenario is a hyperbole. Obviously, people don't hate that PS3(unless you have mental issues or something since you'd have to be crazy to have such powerful negative emotions towards a 7 pound piece of technology).

However, I do sense that certain people get sensitive when you say something negative about the PS3. It's almost impossible to criticize the PS3 on a site like this(predominantly pro-PS3) without someone accusing you of being a "hater".

morganfell3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

"Some people dislike it but it isn't hate."

Have you actually read some of the comments and articles posted to this board? And yes it is obvious there are mental issues involved.

Ares843077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )


The hate the PS3 got when it was released and in it's first two years was amazing. Every single gaming website was bashing the PS3 as much as they could. Every site wanted to prove how superior the 360 is. There were ton of fanboys who were campaigning against the PS3 day and night. I personally was called all kinds of names in different GameStops, Best Buys and other stores while purchasing a PS3 game just because it was a PS3 game and I owned a PS3. It was terrible. It's like whoever owned a PS3 was targeted by 360 owners for some reason.

You don't remember those days??????

How much the world has changed......


Well that was it like pretty much back than. Not every 360 owner did this obviously but a LOT did. And a lot of websites constantly bashed the PS3 every chance they got. Especially GameSpot and Kotaku.

LOGICWINS3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

"It was terrible. It's like whoever owned a PS3 was targeted by 360 owners for some reason."

Looking from the outside in, people would think that your exaggerating, but I actually have a funny story that applies to your argument.

The day I bought a PS3 in Summer 07' @ CircuitCity, the cashier LITERALLY(Swear to God) said

"Are you sure you want a PS3 cuz the 360 is better..das what everyone has?"

and when she rang me up, she stared at the box as if she was confused and rang me up LMAO.

I can't guarantee that this woman "hated" the PS3 since she didn't seem like she knew much about gaming. Maybe she was just jealous that I had the ability to drop $600 on a gaming console lol.

The fact that half the store was staring at me as I put my PS3 in the cart and rolled it to the register leads me to believe that they were just envious.

Godmars2903077d ago

The people who were jumping all over it for a $700 price tag, Blu-ray and Da Cell. Most times you find someone starting an argument those still come up along with "harder to program for."

Jonah_Reese3077d ago

I got this odd silent treatment, when people asked me "what system do you have?" they'd just sit like they were in mourning or something, kinda hilarious.

A few of my friends were like "you should trade it in and get a 360, it's way better man." Some thought it wasn't worth the money others just thought the 360 was better.

The "hate" it generated was overwhelmingly ridiculous and asinine.

DaTruth3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

A dude actually waited 24 hours in a line to buy a $600 PS3 on launch day and smashed it with a sledge hammer!

Hate indeed!!!

Bluray is not needed, you can hardly see a difference between hi-def and standard def are just a few of the stupid things people have said. Now 3D is constantly downplayed except in a small pocket device where it has the least effect, even though they hardly make movies without 3D anymore; all for the sake of the PS3!

LOGICWINS3077d ago

As I said above, its more likely that they hated the fact that the PS3 was $600 as opposed to hating on the PS3 itself.

That was the REAL issue IMO.

They were also probably insecure about the fact that they didn't have the latest console and probably couldn't afford to get another one.

They wanted you to get a 360 so that they could justify their purchase and make themselves feel better that they chose a 360...even though deep down they probably wanted a PS3 as well.

Soldierone3077d ago

Just read comments here and other game sites. There are children, some of them over 20 years old, programmed to HATE one console or the other. Its not a dislike, its a hate lol.

Look at almost every IGN coverage of PS3 and the MS owned Cnet in general. How many negative articles do you see? Also a PRIME example of journalist hate is Yahoo....they for some odd reason LOVE Apple, but Ive seen at least 10 completely negative Sony articles this summer alone, and 8 of them were saying PS3 was a "horrible Purchase" and people should stay away from it. Journalists are supposed to be middle ground, but I haven't seen that (in many industries) in a long time....

SilentNegotiator3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Many people never got over the ps3's starts - price, initial loss/lack of games, controller fiascoes....So much anger and annoyance was never put to peace.

But now the PS3 has bloomed into the unquestionable best console of the generation. That's right, I said unquestionable. It's filled to the brim with exclusives, no one has managed to top them on consoles with their graphics, the tides are started to turn on multiplat quality, it continues to provide awesome online gaming for free....but the hate will never go away. It will always get more gruff than its HD equivalent, the xbox 360.

Hopefully the Vita can begin a new era of Sony in the media. They've provided basically no reason for people to be bitter towards their new handheld.

@People doubting the "hate"....
Pay some attention to Cnet. They have been attacking the PS3 constantly. They did damage control when the slim released by suggesting you get a $1000 instead of the newly low-priced ps3. In a 'prize fight' video, they launched an angry and bitter attack on the people - who were the majority - who disagreed with them. And those aren't all of them.

MaxXAttaxX3077d ago

I agree with your first paragraph. But you f***d up on the second paragraph.

Way to turn this against PS3 and criticizing its fans again.

jetlian3077d ago

was the biggest factor and it wasn't just cause it cost 600 dollars! It was 600 dollars and the games were very bad when compared to 360.

Everyone myself included assumed ps3 was 2 times more powerful based on specs. After people spent 200 more for ps3 only to find the games looked and played worse did people start to hate ps3

LOGICWINS3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

@Nathan Explosion- I have nothing against PS3 fans, especially considering I'm a PS3 fan myself...but you and I both know that there ARE psycho fanboys out there.

I said that "certain people" get sensitive when you say something negative about the PS3. The fact that you assumed that YOU or "PS3 fans" as a whole were the ones I referred to is an error on your part.

Theres a difference between and fan and a fanboy.

Also, that fact that you were offended by my comment to the point that u had to refrain yourself from cursing sorta proves my point about those "certain few" that I was speaking of.

Your making it very clear which group you fall into.

'Way to turn this against PS3"

...dude, what are you talking about?

starchild3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Some of you are truly delusional. There is no special hate towards the PS3.

All the consoles have their supporters and their detractors. Microsoft has received as much criticism as anyone. Just depends on where you are looking and what bias you are filtering things through.

I like the PS3 and the 360 equally, but I am also a really big PC gamer. I have seen both Sony and Microsoft receive a lot of criticism -- some of it justified from my perspective and some of it not.

On so many sites the 360 gets bashed to hell and I find myself defending it even though I don't like it any more than the PS3, and certainly not more than the PC.

You guys are mostly die hard PS3 fanboys and any criticism of the PS3 at all is seen as unjustified "hate", while at the same time any criticisms of the 360 are simply seen as the "truth".

It is merely your perspective as fans of the PS3 that makes you believe that it has received more hate than other platforms. I can assure you, however, that fans of the other platforms tend to believe that their preferred platform has received the most hate.

We PC fans have to deal with all the ignorant articles and comments claiming that PC gaming is dying.

360 fans have to hear all the crap about the 360 having "no games", and the hardware supposedly being unusable junk that fails every 2 months, and how they are fools for paying for online.

Nintendo fans have to deal with all the talk about the Wii not being a real gamers console, and how Nintendo is going to supposedly stop making consoles.

The thing some of you don't realize, or don't want to admit, is that SOME of the criticism towards the PS3 has been justified. That said, there was of course some of it that was not justified and some of it that was exaggerated. But this is true for all the consoles.

Godmars2903077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Um, any reason you forgot that the "has no games" complaint was first started by the 360 camp about the PS3. That and among other comments, a few fan-made Youtube videos "joking" about Sony closing its doors because of the PS3's price are all signs that much of what was started before this console gen is still going on. That "got no game" is just being shoved back into the faces who said it first.

And you have the nerve to call people delusional.

Ducky3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

^ So your defense is, "They started it."?

It's funny, because that's the same excuse children use when an adult tries to put an end to their bickering.

Those 360 'fans' were nothing but trolls. The people you're trying to mock now aren't the same people that were mocking you 4 years ago.
... or well, you know what they say, 'an eye for an eye...'

gw4k3077d ago

I understand what you all are saying but it still isn't hate. The PS3 launched with a boat load of problems. A lot of it has been issued though. Certain things still haven't materialized. Such as cross chat, voice messages (a big one for me) and etc.

At first I was pretty darn irritated with the PS3. I spent a lot of money on system that wasn't everything it was supposed to be.

Now, all these years later, the situation has changed.

Anon19743077d ago Show
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Blacktric3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Most people hated it because of all the promises Sony's been making since E3 2005. Console got released with outrageously high price tag, no online capabilities whatsoever, poor first party titles except Resistance, hard to develop system and Sony's poor developer support at launch, killer apps getting delayed or being ended up cancelled. These were the reasons people hated PS3 at first. But if you're talking about people that still hated the console after 2008, then those were just whining 12 year old kids. Nothing more. And look at how's it doing nowadays. Decent sales numbers, great first party support, incredible third party support from developers and publishers like Valve and EA and so on. Sony's come a long way and they deserve some respect.

Thatguy-3103077d ago

Seeing how many people are pretty cheap now a days I guess everyone is complaining that vita is to expensive and that it needs to get a price cut just like the 3ds -_-' hopefully I'm wrong but its annoying how ppl expect great things to be given to them very cheap...Sony is already taking a loss for every vita sold once they release it so we should appreciate the price that the models are currently on.

3077d ago
saladthieves3077d ago

Hate? I have been in love with this device since its announcement. Do you know the anticipation level I have for this device??? It's over 9000!

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LOGICWINS3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Nah, charging $250 for Vita isn't nearly as crazy as launching the PS3 at a $600 price point.

Also, the PS3 didn't only get hate for its price, but also due to Sony's arrogance. They've def learned their lesson and have transformed themselves from that pompous "ull want to get a second job to get a PS3" mentality.

TBM3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

whats funny is that its not even the most expensive console ever that honor goes to neo-geo at $650, and the panasonic 3D0 at $700. i dont remember them getting the hate or whatever the hell people want to call it that sony got.

and out of these three that launched at $600+ only the PS3 managed to stay around.

i can pretty see the vita getting the same treatment as the ps3 did, but i dont care i bought my PS3 because of the great times, and games i played back during PS1,2 era and i wasnt letting the price of the PS3 stop me from having the same great times as those, and ill be purchasing a vita because its a gaming handheld done right imo.

OllieBoy3077d ago

Not even close. Remember E3 2006? Vita's E3 debut was almost the exact opposite of the PS3's.

tiffac3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Yeah no one was gasping at the price and is actually happy this time around with the Vita. It will all come down to Sony's strategy on how they will market Vita. Success or bust will depend on their implementation of the tech and marketing the product to the casual consumers.

To the one below me tagged as trolling. lol! I guess selling 50+ million console and is now making money off it is a failure.

Maybe the better term you should have used is not as successful as its predecessor. Then again I don't think anyone can replicate the PS2's success.

As for the 3DS vs PSV I'll hold off any comment on that till the real battle begins when both machines are out in the market.

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Rageanitus3077d ago

I find the haters tend to h8 sony as a whole so yah it will be hated

Oner3077d ago

Let 'em. It's not going to do a damned thing other than keep these so called "gamers" from experiencing a variety of stuff they can't get any where else. They are and will always be biased haters that are not true gamers.

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