Asphalt Injection PS Vita Gameplay

Dualshock Nexus: Check out this awesome gameplay for yet another PlayStation Vita racing title called Asphalt Injection.

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CernaML3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Wow that looks really good! A hell of a lot better than the 3DS version. :P

Edit: whoa whoa whoa.... why did the other side of that sign cube thing say F1 2011...? O_o

OllieBoy3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Yeah, but still one of the worst looking Vita games.

CernaML3087d ago

Figured. This looks like something you can get from an app store on your phone. lol

My attention did a complete 180 when I noticed that F1 2011 sign.

STONEY43087d ago

Because it is a series off the Apple app store and other devices, lol. I think the Ipdod Touch 4G version actually looks better, which makes ZERO sense.

MaxXAttaxX3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

BUT this game looks like a PS Vita game:

And that is one of the differences between games on phones and a dedicated gaming system.

Mario4life3087d ago

tbh that was a crappy iphone game ported over....

Godchild10203087d ago

This looks okay better than the one on the 3DS, but I will hold my tongue until I play it myslef.

I want a NFS game on the Vita. I guess I know what to expect next year.

OhMyGandhi3087d ago

while the car model looks decent, the environments look like something from a DS launch title.

SpitTake3087d ago

can you imagine play grand turismos on this thing

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