Eurogamer First Impressions: The Club

It's pretty pathetic seeing the best and brightest UK games journalists after they've just played The Club. These are the people that play games for a living. They shouldn't have any trouble with a shooter that's been stripped to the bare bones of running and gunning, especially not one with levels the length of a pop song. But it was like being in an old people's home after a daily ten minute session of callisthenics. Word for word, here are a couple of things Eurogamer overheard:

"Ooh. I need a bit of a sit down after that."

"Where's the water? I think I need a glass of water."

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Amp4924d ago

Looks like a fun game, bizzare does great work, a true 'Run and Gun"

predator4924d ago

yeah this is shaping up to be a right blast.