Sony's Massive Advantage: PS3 Processing Power

If you look at the central processor in Microsoft's (MSFT) Xbox 360 you will see something that can trace its ancestry right back to the Intel 8086 of 1978. Over its evolution this has forced endless fudges and compromises. An analogy might be trying to build a working supertanker on the plans of a model rowing boat. And the 360 itself owes its architecture to the IBM PC of 1981 and so carries with it the accommodations that this architecture imposes. These factors, ultimately, must impinge on the working of the console.

Compare that to Sony (SNE), who were able to design the processor and the console it is in with a clean sheet of paper. The Cell processor, designed jointly with IBM and Toshiba at a cost of $400 million is the state of the art in processor dessign. It is scalable, highly flexible and excellent at distributed processing.

So it is little surprise that the PS3 now holds the Guiness world record for the most powerful distributed computing network. Or that an astrophysicist has replaced a supercomputer with eight PS3s. This is one very special and very powerful machine and when game programmers eventually work out how to get the best from it we are going to see some spectacular results.

But there has been a price to pay. Whilst the 360 was cheap to develop and cheap to make, the PS3 has cost a fortune. Sony has absorbed some of this cost in losses and passed some of it on to end users in the form of higher prices, which has hit sales. Sony has bet its computer entertainment division and maybe the whole company on this device.

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scrillakiller4929d ago

well this is something we all know even xboys.if u dont believe heres an example.Its call uncharted drakes fortune.its alive its alive i tell u

drewdrakes4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

Heres an example. Mass Effect.

Edit: Btw you know your computer, the thing you type useless crap on? It uses the intel 8086 instruction set as well. So i guess every single PC in the world is out of date with a crappy processor that has had to make compromises (it doesnt matter what processor you have AMD uses the intel 8086 instruction set aswell).

KINGDRAMA4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

first pebble: resistance
next stone : motorstorm
next rock : hs
next rock : warhawk
next rock : r&c
first bullet: uncharted

ps3 is destroying 360 fanboys glass its first year.

All that nonsense msft said and xbots believe...starting with:
"We own next gen, we have taken over the market"......LOL.
Obviously youre gonna lead in sales as far as next gen goes, IF U LAUNCH ! YEAR IN ADVANCE WITH NO NEXT GEN COMPETITORS.

With both systems at the same price.......its a wrap for the bots. just like its a wrap for their beloved, HOLY HDDVD......inflated transformer numbers, and cheap players mean nothing.

IF YOure dying to play pc games, do what i do. GET A PC FOR IT.....all 360 "exclusives" go to pc. AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT NOTICES THIS?

IF YOure dying to play on a TRU next gen console, with TRU exclusives that plays the TRU next gen video format with TRU next gen audio then buy a freakin PS3.

At 400 dollars why would you choose an inferior 360?

JsonHenry4929d ago

Ok, good.

Now when do I get to see all this magical power get transformed into a video game that proves it?

Still haven't seen one yet. And don't bring up Drake's, because it does not look any better than Mass Effect or the last Sam Fisher game.

The point is - in terms of games, it is NOT a super computer.

Bathyj4929d ago

Jason, I'd bet you've "seen" alot of PS3 games, but not played them at any length. Its not the same.

bumnut4929d ago

don't even bother, most idiots on this site don't even have the brain capacity to understand what you are saying.

i hate when people disagree with something they don't understand.

gololo4929d ago

U mean Double Agent, the game that (i can't exactly recall) in the ship level, the sound lagged, the game would freeze and a bunch of other bugs that made that level unplayable? XBots seem to forget that the start of the 360 wasn't pretty either...unless you consider Kameo a AAA game, and in my case, after getting my 360 at launch, I played for almost a year nothing but Geometry Wars...till Gears of War...cuz everything before that was mediocre at best...and YES Uncharted looks phenomenal, R&C do too...

felidae4929d ago

i love my ps3 but sadly there are plenty of games that run and look better on the 360. for example skate, Jericho, COD4 (my ps3 version had little framerate issues), Tony Hawk PG, Fifa 08, PES 08 and Juiced. these are the games i played on both systems and the 360 handles them without framerate issues or jaggies where the ps3 does not.

i really hope the devs get used to the ps3's unlocked power and multiplatform games will finally look better on the ps3 - and i mean much better!!!

Sony's exclusives already show that the ps3 is graphically superior. otherwise, with COD4 on the 360 you see that xbox can also handle this kind of graphics. for me, the new Call of Duty has the most photorealistic graphics i've ever seen.

in a couple of minutes i'll check the Uncharted demo to see if it's another one of Sony's blasting exclusives. i love Heavenly Sword, Lair, Warhawk, Resistance, Folklore and Motorstorm.

and in 2008, things will only get better for us gamers.

now i only need a Wii to play Super Mario Galaxy, you know, the 11/10 game, and Metroid Prime: Corruption.

Kleptic4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

Idon'tcare...I agree...while I haven't had any framerate issues at all with CoD 4, its very obvious that its the only multiplatform game that really pushes either system...

I am excited for ME just as much as the next guy...but it really suprises me how everyone keeps saying how fantastic it looks...I loved KOTOR's branching story stuff, and can't wait to play ME (therefor been staring at every video endlessly)...but I have yet to truly be blown away by any graphical prowess of it...

UT3 is the total flagship of UE3...ME is not, and imo it shows...but even UT3 has some of the same lame effects we are getting used to with UE3...same explosions, smoke effects (just like ME)...same completely static environments (no movement in foliage)...UT3 at least has some decent blood decaling, which Gears totally lacked...except for completely hideous pool of blood...not sure if ME does that too...

UT3's character models can also stand toe to toe with ME's...ME has a much higher variety of them, but I have yet to be impressed by any of the motion capturing as well (looks to me like only mouths move, and eyes dart and blink...but no change in expression in a lot of cases I saw)...

I don't know...I haven't played either finished I am not saying I will be unimpressed...I just think that Gears showed me most of the impressive stuff of UE3...and now every UE3 based game doesn't have that punch that it did a year ago imo...If anyone in my apartment doesn't have a 360 when ME comes out, its going to be me buying one...its a day 1 purchase for me for sure, but I guess I am not as impressed by the visuals as some others are...

Uncharted though amazes me with little touches...the way wind is calculated...volumetric explosions that morph into rising volumetric clouds...and more real time character animations that any game ever made (finally a game where if you walk up to a dead body, your character reacts to it being there...Drake will rest his foot on the body if you stand close to it, and literally walk on top of it you want)...there is not a lot that can compete with that...I am not saying the other UE3 games don't look good at all...but they don't have any of the little touches that combine to make the overall world more believable...

InMyOpinion4929d ago

Wait til the reviews drop in. Xbox fans will have the last laugh. Mass Effect is not like anything you've played before.

HarryEtTubMan4929d ago

Jenzo you're an idiot. Bore effect looks like sh!T YOU ONLY CARE BECAUSE YOU HAVE A JUNKBOX. I have one and I still don't care..hmm I wonder why..???? o yea I'm getting a PS3 this week!! And in the end PS3 owners will DEFIANTELY get the last laugh. Even if you're too naive to see it. Ps3 is going to cruash the 360's little lead. It's NOTHING. PS3 has only been out a year!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU'RE GONNA GET OWNED SOOOOOO BAD!!! IT'S A FACT!

C_SoL4928d ago

time & money people...time & money people....if you don't wanna wait thats to bad for you...i enjoy every sec. of my playstation....

Texas GMR4928d ago

Look at the Wii and DS. Both have inferior processing power compared to the competitors, but have been bought and enjoyed by millions.

I hope the PS3 does show us something TOTALLY new (haven't seen it yet). That just leads Microsoft to make an even better system in a couple of years.

Personally the 360 is my system of choice due to the games it has, but I don't knock anybody for getting a PS3. They are both good.

Enjoy whatever system you have.

mesh14928d ago

OK LETS cOMPARE CHARACTER MODELS AND GRAPHICS gears of war? mass effect are way above ps3 games in that area its like characters on the ps3 have the lowest polygons ever even in the cod4 comparison u can see THIS maybe its cause of their out dated GPU?

ravinash4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

Well let us look at this then.
The people who made gears of war say their next game UT3 looks even better and is running well on PS3. So we'll see how that is when it comes out.
COD4 is the same on both systems, I don’t think the people making it would go through the trouble of remaking the models for the PS3 version like your claiming...I would love to see a screen shot of this if you've got one.
Mass effect isn't out yet, I'll be getting it when it does...but the graphics don't look anything special. The game is good because of subject and the scope of the story. we'll have to wait and see how it moves once its out.

We not saying that the PS3 is a supercomputer.
We just saying that if you get 8 of them, theres enough power that that you can replace a super computer.

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feejo4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

Or that an astrophysicist has replaced a supercomputer with eight PS3s. Sony did not make Cell for games. I don't care about that article, Xbox outsell almost 4 time the PS3 in USA (PS3 2.6m Xbox 8.3m), and they dare to launch the rumbble more than a year after, and give it to Japan first.

"and when game programmers eventually work out how to get the best from it we are going to see some spectacular results. "

Ok let's wait again.

By the way 1st Xbox and Sega Saturn where the strongest and did not win over PS1 and PS2.

allforcalisto4929d ago

"Xbox outsell almost 4 time the PS3 in USA, and they dare to launch the rumbble more than a year after" lol

the article focuses on processing power, and you bring in sales. You can't argue facts with sales figures kid.

the fact that 360 sold 12 mill isn't gonna stop killzone making halo 3 look like halo 2.5.

KINGDRAMA4929d ago

u guys claim sales, yet the wii just did13 mill or so and the box is STUCK AT 11-12 MIL for how many months now?


Polluted4929d ago

Where are you getting your information about the Sega Saturn? It was a nice system and all, but it was far less powerful than its contemporaries the PS1 and N64. It launched almost a full year before the PS1 an it really showed when it came to multi-plat games...Tomb Raider for instance, or Symphony of the Night.

scrillakiller4929d ago

the cells not fr gaming an xboy say.please kid go drink sum koolaid the play heavenly sword r n c and uncharted then come back with the cell aint fr gaming theory

Skerj4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

Flamewar in 5. ..4. ..3. ..2. ..

We know it's powerful, but it's just starting to show now that devs are getting over the learning curve and Sony is ponying up the tools. Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Game Republic, and Ninja Theory (for the games that are out currently) pulled off some sweetness on the system which makes me wonder what they're doing different that a lot of 3rd parties aren't doing Epic and IW aside. Nevermind I already know, developing on the system from the ground up instead of porting from other stuff seems to do the trick.

blacsheep4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

personally im a sony fan but if sony within 2008 dont showcase games that have that have that 'couldnt be done on xbox' wow factor its going to be a disaster, but the good news is uncharted is hopefully starting that early trend to say ps3 might just be as powerful as we all hoped.

sony has to get its 1st party tools in as many developers hands as possible, finally wake up and realise thier early arrogance was a role in the negative aura and that games sells consoles and not the other way round,ps2 was a global phenomenon due to the fact of ITS games (remember original xbox was more powerful but ps2 trounced it due to its exclusives)but i genuinly believe it made sonys head swell due to thier dominance and in some twisted way thought people were buying ps2 because of the console,yeh the console was great but the games were greater and this is what made the system.

xbox owners have to agree that 360 is a poorly designed piece of kit with a mind boggling failure rate,but it still sells why? games simple.aint bashing xbox i prefer ps3 but im just keeping it real

2008 is gonna be interesting and i persnally believe sony are waking up fom their arrogant slumber and are slowly realising microsoft are no pushover (they seem to be blueprinting the ps2 way forward meaning games sells)and gamers demand games not PROMISES!xbox outsold ps3 in JAPAN its sonys hometown,for one week because of what? ace combat a GAME!i never thought id see that day and i hope it never happens again playstation is a strong brand ps3 is now more affordable,and sony have that as their advantage to make a succesful comeback.

happyjimmy4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

Your not a sony fan. You just dont want to be called a hater. You really have no idea how the busines works so you? Moron.

Edit Just stop. Its obvious you dont have a ps3 nor are you a sony fan. You are a hater plain and simple. If you actualy did research you would know the ps3 has a tom of games (over 70 and 100 by january) and the ps3 is selling well. Sony ist arrogant. This is business and no one has any room to be arrogant with millions of dollars on the line. Do you understand that? No you dont because you dont know what it is to invest.

Just so you know the ps2 was stronger then the xbox 1. A hard drive doesnt make a stronger console.

Learn business ok? If you really are a sony fan then you asre a very poor one for talking crap about it. But your not because you say too many pr xbox things.

blacsheep4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

WELL DONE ON YOUR AWARD, you dont know me you dont know what console i own (which is a ps3 not a microsoft fan,but im a realist!)and obviously you failed reading at school (your parents must be sooo proud!) because if you could read you wouldnt have made such a dumb comment!

if you read my article im being straight no pu$$y footing around and saying what everytrue gamer knows (guess your not one) that sony need to pull their socks up because the fight is much much harder than they ever imagined because microsoft really really want to win,and their earlier arrogance only helped microsoft,like kens comments and pricing and not realising ps3 is a games machine before anything else (blu ray) jus like dvd on ps2 was a nice after touch but not the main feature!even xbox owners will admit the 360 is poorly designed piece of kit and the failure rate is atrocious but it still sells why? GAMES cheatmaster games!do i want microsoft to win? read my earlier article and youl see its a no i want sony to win but they need to now listen to gamers,so cheatmaster get a life maybe a girl and your balls might just drop thats a big if though.

UPDATED: can someone somewhere give so called cheatmaster some glasses did i not already say ps2 was stronger than xbox1 due to games? what has a hard drive got to do with anything?
cheatmaster sorry to tell you there is no santa,easter bunny,and sony are fighting their way out of TROUBLE because they are facing a mini crisis right now.

you talk about games in development heres a fact for you (i know it make take you a day or so to understand this) but 'games in development dont sell consoles, games here and now do!)
developers have admitted sony let exclusives slip through their fingers sony evening stating themselves that they do not need third party exclusives HELLO of course they do GTA example of this why you think microsoft paid 50 mil just for downloadable content?.

did i not state that uncharted is hopefully the start of a good trend for sony?just because im a sony fan i refuse to be bias and i look at the WHOLE picture i am not pro xbox i have stated facts so how does that mean im bashing sony?i gave positives and negatives as a true gamer i wont be bias and through gritted teeth state facts like xbox sold more than ps3 for 1week because it relates to my criticism that the xbox achieved this through a game.

now cheatmaster i know the truth hurts,dont get sure sony will comfort you give em a call

i am a sony fan but more than that im a gamer and a realist, hope i didnt pop the bubble you live in but i think your obsession with sony is a tad bit excessive thats why you cant complete sentences or listen to criticism about sony or get a girl.

i am pro sony but more than this a gamer and further more than that a GAMER WHO HOPES SONY DOES WELL! otherwise my £425 i paid for my system was a waste of money. and i have still resisted all temptation to get a 360 because i am a sony fan and feel positive about 2008! and hope sony never take their eye off the ball AGAIN!
and to darius cole i will respect you because you wana discuss and come at me like an adult and not name call like cheatmaster who i had to put in his place,when i say wow factor i mean call of duty 4 is an amazin looking game but its stunning on both systems, heavenly sword has not got graphics that make me think they cant be done on 360 their great graphics though what heavenly sword did was give me hope that this was achieved in ps3s 1st year, but uncharted like i said is beginning the trend of wow factor but not by a margain say ps1 to ps2 wow,but naughty dog have stated they have only used 30% of ps3s power so like i said 2008 is hopefully when we will see the real margin between ps3 & 360,uncharted is a good start but theres definately better to come.and what alot of people are neglecting is that multiformat games on the 1year old ps3 are now on par with the 2year old 360 which makes me think what about next year will multiformat games begin with development on ps3? i personally hope so because the benefits will show!

Darrius Cole4929d ago


Heavenly Sword, at its current level of graphical performance, couldn't be done on the Xbox 360. Lair, at its current level of graphical performance, couldn't be done on Xbox 360.

What you are referring to as this "wow factor" is probably just bias towards the shooter genre.

jaja14344928d ago

Hmm unless your the games developer you really have no bases to say what can and can not be done on another system. Be it the PS3 or the 360, really your comment is just idle speculation and as such is completely worthless.

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