"Gamers want perfect digital human" - SONY

Gamers want to see the "perfect human being in digital form" in their games, Sony has said.

In a behind closed doors discussion on the future of video games, Sony president of Worldwide Studio, Shuhei Yoshida, outlined his vision of what games may be like in 2021.

"I think what people want in games in 10 years is the perfect human being in digital form," he said, "where you can't tell the difference if it's real or digital. In your reality it's a human."

According to Sony's 3D chief Mick Hocking, who also took part in the discussion, the next 10 years will see crucial improvements to AI that should help realise Yoshida's prediction........

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rabidpancakeburglar3078d ago

Not me, I just want good gameplay and story.

malol3078d ago

well gamer do whine alot i'll give him that
sometimes they do it because the subject is worthy
and sometimes its not

darthv723078d ago

they need to bring you into the gaming experience. We are talking holodeck type stuff. If there was a way to make kinect and move work together while wearing an HMD (head mounted display: VR) then we would see the 3d camera encapsulate your body and the move enhance tracking the movements in a virtual reality 3d space.

Come to think of it....maybe they have been toying around with this already.

SuperBeast8113078d ago

good just go play your nes and leave the future of gaming with us


Go to 13:14 on the attached video - this guy explains what Shuhei is trying to say in a very detail way.

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princejb1343078d ago

idk i don't think a lot of people could take see a human actually die in front of em without vomiting

lashes2ashes3078d ago

the funny thing is its not as bloody as movies or games make it out to be. i have seen several deaths from gunshots to the head. and most of the time most blood lost is through the nose cavity. unlike most games were the head explodes.

FredEffinChopin3077d ago

That really is a great point, when visuals get that realistic, the casual violence that is commonplace in most action games would have to be carefully approached in terms of visual presentaion. I'm thinking for that reason, even when games are capable of photorealism, they may often opt for a different artistic approach instead.

I guess it depends on how realistically characters and environment interact as well... We do already have some pretty darn realistic looking people in games out there, and they don't seem to be easing up on the violence.

kaveti66163077d ago


have you ever seen a gore thread on 4chan?

What happens to a human head from a gunshot depends entirely on the gun, the caliber, the distance, things like that.

I assure you, people's heads are very fragile, as are their bodies.

Lazy_Sunday3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

No rabid we do. We--oh, never mind. I thought they were talking about virtual reality, becoming the character metaphorically and metaphysically. That would make for some good gameplay, but I guess they don't know what gamers want.

FredEffinChopin3077d ago

So does that mean you could play 16-bit era games every day for the rest of your life while the rest of the world played games whose graphics steadily improve with technology over time? Graphics don't matter at all?

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jdfoster3078d ago

@rabid I agree. I felt this was very interesting though. Could this be the 'kinect' type of thing that the rumours indicated a few months ago? About an possible PS4.... Who knows. I am glad to hear Sony talking about the future though and what it 'might' hold. I am really pumped the next generation of consoles, whether they come out next year or in 5 years time.

WolfLeBlack3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

This, ladies and gentlemen, will be the beginning of Skynet. The crafting of a digital human that is a perfect imitation of a real human will lead to our utter destruction! :D

But at least we'll have a good excuse for it kicking our butts on games.

zerocrossing3078d ago

A "perfect human being in digital form". That would be nice eventualy, But I dont want it if its at the cost of good gameplay and story.

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The story is too old to be commented.