Gamescom 2011: PlayStation Vita & PS3 Price Drop |

Gamer Sector: So after announcing that the PS3 price dropped down to $249 at Gamescom I was like, yay? Still need some more titles for the bad boy to confidence me to buy, big PS2 fan still. Then they brought it out, the glorious PS Vita, sleek beautiful and full of amazing features, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

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JBSleek2622d ago

Darn... I thought the Vita had a price drop I was gonna be like YES!!! Sony has common sense. Nvm...

Nexgensensation2622d ago

I hope they throw in the cult classics for the vita

sikbeta2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

*PlayStation Family Bundle: PS3+PSV+Cross-platform Game = $450*



TheMART2622d ago

The title is just for hits pretty misleading trying to make it seem the PSP2 also had a pricedrop...

It actually should do. I mean a PS3 is 249 and the PSP2 is the same price? It just doesn't sound right...

Mr Tretton2622d ago



You could just call it PSV. I understand, I don't want to call it just the V word either.

7xsPD2622d ago

He could also call it the ngp like it was called before the psv.

MasterCornholio2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

Just because Nintendo was forced to make a price drop (due to the vitas price) doesnt mean that the Vita has to do the same thing. Sony is loosing money for every Vita sold so they cant drop the price any further.