Borderlands 2 demo playable at Gamescom

“Gamescom fans will be among the first ever to see the Borderlands 2 demo as well as The Darkness II and BioShock Infinite E3 demos. You’ll also get a chance to get your hands on The Darkness II and step into the shoes of Jackie Estacado and wield his dark powers.”

With a playable demo of Borderlands 2 already, will this provoke a 2012 release date for Borderlands?"

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WolfLeBlack2837d ago

I can haz Borderlands 2 demo, pwease?

No words can truly desrcibe how much I'm looking forward to the release of BL2. If Gearbox manage to jam in all the improvements they're promising, I may very well never play another game again lol

Wido2837d ago

Jealous isn't the word to describe those that are lucky to go to Gamescom!

fOrlOnhOpe572837d ago

I have a ticket for Eurogamer in
London in September but doubt I will see any BL2 there after they upset Gearbox with their 'shoddy journalism' lol

WolfLeBlack2837d ago

That was one of the dafter things Pitchford has come out with :D

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