Capcom making Street Fighter easier to play

Pro-G report that SFII's special moves will be dumbed down to attract new players. This story is based on a blog entry by one of the developers.

David Sirlin, who is overseeing the design and gameplay on Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, revealed that many potential players are locked out of experiencing the classic beat-em-up because they "can't Dragon Punch or do Fei Long's flying kicks".

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riksweeney4964d ago

Hopefully they'll just stick in an Easy Mode so that you can choose whether or not you want to play against the kid who has "Press down on the right analogue stick to perform the Final Atomic Buster"

AzaziL4964d ago

I can agree with ya on that one, but mostly about the part about being able to select an "easy" mode, only because despite as easy as it'll be, I'd never get into it since I'm so used to the classic "REAL" controls. If they don't have that, they might as well call it street fighter for kids and use the puzzle fighter characters instead. Honestly, if you over five years old and can't memorize a couple, even a few small control moves and buttons, you probably will suck at this game anyways.

And that's what SKILL is for, have we all forgot about that already? I remember kids at the arcade that were considered masters of the game since they can play as any character, and know all their moves and combos, and then there's a newb who only picks Ryu and does fireballs all day. Want to play like the master? Well that takes practice, but obviously whining can do it for ya too. Might as well press one button FTW, game over!

Keowrath4964d ago

defeats the object of the game in my opinion. I've played a few versions with easy special and super moves and the satisfaction in playing is nowhere near as much as learning how to do the moves and executing them while under pressure.

It's not hard to learn, just takes a little bit of dedication. I still have problems performing the double 360 moves but when I do pull em out they give you a feeling of achievment at least.

If it's being done because of either machines controller I'm surprised to say the least. I would have expected Capcom (CHA CHING!) to bring out new pads designed specially for the game like in the past.

Skynetone4964d ago

the only move what needs to be changed is zangiefs pile-driver which is f**king impossible cant even do one, but my friend can do it about 50% of the time

Enigma_20994964d ago

My brother can COMBO into the Final Atomic Buster!!! Trying to combo him has a 80% risk of getting dropped on your head!!!

donscrillinger4964d ago


Enigma_20994964d ago

I have officially lost ALL interest in this game.

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