Is this the best the games industry has to offer?

Liam Pritchard of Brash Games writes "I wasn’t sure if I was just getting old but the recent releases of Bulletstorm and Duke Nukem Forever had proved surprisingly depressing affairs. Issues with quality aside (Bulletstorm is technically brilliant and Duke Nukem Forever is just plain terrible), both games’ attempts at humour had left me cold and somewhat concerned at the quality (or lack thereof) of comedic writing within the industry".

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gcolley2836d ago

i found portal 2 to be unfunny as well. just childish banter like what you find on family guy and big bang. silly but not even remotely funny or witty. i found BFBC1 pretty funny

bullet storm was not "technically brilliant". how can a game where you get stuck multiple times (and have to restart the checkpoint/level) be classed as technically brilliant?