Vita Gets Cross-Game Chat and Skype Why Can't the PS3?

On the software side the Vita surprisingly features a lot of the additions that it’s older brother the PS3 has been lacking for quite some time.

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Nitrowolf23685d ago

That's what i am wondering. I mean it's been in development for a long time now. I have a feeling for what VITA does it won't be using as much power or resources in order to use it. I'm thinking the PS3 is set up so it uses a lot of it (thus slow in-game XMB). IDK just my thought

Dramscus3685d ago

I think they have trouble implementing they and keeping ram usage low and the os stable.

samoon3685d ago

That's what I think it is too. But I mean can't they just come out and tell us instead of saying "were looking into it" everytime.

nickjkl3685d ago

because they are looking into it

LiquifiedArt3685d ago

Expect ls4 to have it. They has OS issues. It wasn't designed for it.

Peaceful_Jelly3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

I think the answer is really obvious. The PS3 has really bad memory allocation and on top of that the OS memory footprint is still way too huge... The PS3 simply wasn't designed to do stuff like that. Period.

And it's true that Sony has been aggressively reducing the memory footprint of the OS with each update but now we have 3D games so you can kiss goodbye the cross-game chat because is not gonna happen.

jashwin3685d ago

Your argument is a fallacy. It's not about whether the PS3 is capable of it or not, it's about who owns the rights. Microsoft has a patent on cross game chat on consoles. Read my comment below.

Also, please don't try to predict whether or not we will get cross game chat as you don't work for Sony and you don't have any proof to back your assumption.

pain777pas3685d ago

Jashin you are the only one here who understands business. Live has locked up alot of features and patents on HOME consoles. However, PORTABLE consoles or devices have no strick patent enfringements.

MisterAV3685d ago

they're just very poor at developing the PS3 OS....
now the OS is reserving big portions of ram for a slow XMB and sometimes background downloading.... they should hire some new software engineer... and build from scratch... at least for new games...

DJMarty3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

@Peaceful_Jelly there not much in it, between PS3 & 360 OS foot prints.

PS3 = 50Mb(might have come down further now)

360 = 32Mb

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darkeva933685d ago

Well Sony is marketing that the PS3 "only does everything". They can't just come out and say that they can't do cross game chat so it's just better for them to keep saying they are looking into it. IMO anyway...

samoon3685d ago

I hate when companies beat around the bush.

jashwin3685d ago

I don't think that the answer is that simple. Microsoft owns the patent on cross game chat on consoles. Vita isn't a console. So, Sony is offering cross game chat on the Vita and not the Xbox.

Fishy Fingers3685d ago

Rubbish. They'll own the patent on how THEIR tech does the chat features, that's all. Same as custom sound tracks, they own the tech or the "how", not the idea or application.

one2thr3685d ago

In a way, your both right

Disccordia3684d ago

I agree. I see this patent crap being spouted all the time by users on n4g on this subject and i have yet to see any evidence or original source for this misinformation.

MS may have a patent on HOW they've implemented cross game chat but no way can they patent the actual feature. Even if they could I don't believe they would do it for consoles only and forget about computers and mobile/handhelds.

The reason the PS3 can't do it is because the OS was never designed for it. It was inefficient as it was but since adding in game xmb and trophies etc. It's too sluggish already.

The obvious solution is a new interface built from the ground up. I predict this to happen around the vita launch with firmware v4. If it doesn't then Sony will be missing a trick IMO

Fishy Fingers3685d ago

My guess. Sony cant get the PS3 OS footprint down enough to free up the memory for said features.

jashwin3684d ago

Again, I think you don't have the right information. Please provide valid proof that the reason the PS3 doesn't have cross game chat is due to the OS footprint.

From my view, XMB has a far lesser memory foorprint than Xbox's OS. The Dashboard has a ton of animated stuff like ads, moving avatars, etc. XMB is much less complicated.

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