Sega: "Compass can be next LOTR"

Publisher says upcoming movie and game brand can be as big as Tolkien's mammoth franchise.

Sega has compared the family appeal of its upcoming movie adaptation 'The Golden Compass' to that of 'The Lord Of The Rings'.

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riksweeney4930d ago

Obviously Sega hasn't read the last book. The ending's good but I doubt many people actually get that far because it dissolves into random rubbish for half the book.

The second book's the best.

green_ghost54930d ago

Yeah right, this story will never be as big as LOTR. Tolkien was pure genius. The movie, the game, none of it will match LOTR.

Ares844930d ago

Sega is nuts!!! This crap is not even close to Lord of the Rings!! I'm not even interested in watching this movie...let alone the game!

DethWish4930d ago

The compass books are awesome and much much better than LOTR.

I think the movie and game will suck though and be too child-friendly

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The story is too old to be commented.