Next-Gen: It's More Fun To Speculate

Not much is known about the future of next-gen consoles for Sony and Microsoft; save a few boring facts. But after reading this you too might agree that it's just more fun to speculate and make wish-lists..for now.

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gw4k3079d ago

Fun to Speculate? Speak for yourself.
We want to know facts not "wish-lists."

Dramscus3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I think the console companies hurt themselves by cramming all the console releases into a three year span.

One of them would be better off waiting around for an extra year after the other consoles came out. Then the people that already own whichever competitors console that came out last will be more likely to purchase another.
Very rarely do people buy a console every year.

Plus sony and MS say their consoles are supposed to last ten years.
Sony's definitely do (as the ps2 shows) so they could easily wait till 2014 to release the next home console and be in a better position for it.

Going by last gen's releases Sony should be last to release in 2013

If they skipped off till 2014 ps3 sales would continue to increase as it got cheaper. They would spend less time competing with their own systems, and interest in their competitors consoles would have fallen to some degree. At least the hype from it's release would have passed.

Plus they could spend that year driving the initial price down further and developing launch titles.

Microsoft could benefit from the same but since their in the middle of the releases their kind of stuck. If they release a year late then they'll be head to head with sony. Plus the xbox probably can't pull off another two years of multiplat content after games start being made for ps3 and wii u and ported back to it with a downgrade in graphics.

Rah5er03079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Once MS and Sony figure out what they want out of their CPU's and development tools we should start getting more facts from them both..and development heads (like John Carmack, and Peter Moore for example).

RaymondM3079d ago

is anyone else disgusted with the concepts of these consoles? The xbox one looks like an 80 toy and the playstation looks like glass

Murgatroyd73079d ago

The speculation is definitely more fun. It's not nearly as fun as it used to be, mainly because I think hardware is going in the wrong direction, but I still enjoy thinking about what the next consoles can be. Once everything is set in stone and official specs are announced, I seem to lose some of my excitement.

omicron0093076d ago

speculation is definitely more fun because there's still a chance for all your wishes to come true. Once they release the actual facts, there's going to be something you don't like.