Should 343 Industries plans for Halo be mimicked by Call of Duty?

Halo Anniversary maps will be playable on Halo: Reach, in our article we look at whether such functionality should be mimicked by Call of Duty.

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gw4k2839d ago

Check the spelling in your title.

beastgamer2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

MS will force them.
Halo 3- awesome 2007
Halo wars 2008 (delay to feb, 2009)
Halo ODST 2009
Reach- 2010
Combat Evolved Remake- 2011
Halo 4- 2012

yup i see a follow up
Call of Duty 4 awesome 2007
World at War awesome zombies- 2008
Black plos-2010

_Aarix_2838d ago

well a few of those are spin offs and the real difference is Halo is Awesome. While COD is trash.

ImpliedDeception2838d ago

Only if Activision figures out a way to charge for it...