Five reasons to cash in on the PS3 at $249

CNET: With both PlayStation 3 models dropping $50 in price, now may be the right time to pull the trigger on the Sony console. While it may not have had the best launch in the history of video games, we think the PS3 has ripened into an entertainment and media hub well worth your hard earned cash. Believe it or not, the PS3 is now less than half of what the 60GB version cost back in November of 2006

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firemassacre2837d ago

does anyone know when the infamous 2 bundle will be available. i was going to buy a 160 gb ps3 on sep 1st for 299.99 now i can get 320 gb and infamous 2 and 30 days of ps+ for the exact same price.

joeyisback2837d ago

they have it at gamestop i believe right now and maybe bestbuy just call your local area stores to find out

Pixel_Pusher2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

1.Uncharted 3
3.Infamous 2
4.Resistance 3
5.every other PS3 exclusive

starchild2836d ago

Dang, it's crazy to think that I spent twice this amount for my PS3. This is a great deal.

AAACE52836d ago

That's just perfect for me, as I was trying to sell a 360 to get another Ps3!

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2837d ago

Going to have to get me a new Slim :), my old 40gig did it's job for a few years but It's just starting to have issues. i'll just slap my 500gig Hdd on it.

showtimefolks2837d ago


and there is no excuse for anyone anymore for not owning a ps3 its the cheapest next gen console on the market i don't count the 4gb xbox360 since its 4gb and not much you can do with that

but the infamous 2 bundle sounds pretty good with the copy of games plus 320gb for 300 bucks and if that wasn't great enough you get 30 free days of psn plus

Pacman3212836d ago

Same :( My 60gb fat PS3 has lasted me a good 4 years but the fan atm is going crazy. I might have to buy a new slim soon...ill miss the PS2 backwards compatibility and SD card reader slots though :(

caseh2836d ago


Open it up, get a hoover in there. I was having same issue turns out there was enough dust in my phat PS3 to stuff a pillow. :o

f7897902836d ago

Don't vacuum it! The static could fry something.

Use an air can to blow out the dust. (keep the can upright)

MintBerryCrunch2837d ago

A page to take us to the top 5 page?

really CNET

xtremegamerage2837d ago


To long have you stood in the dark with 360.

Turn to the light and the best looking and most engaging system with the best looking games.



skeletonss2836d ago

dellusions of grangure. seek help.

mikeh09182836d ago

Delusions of the ability to spell.

Genius152836d ago

It's a great console that has great games. That's a big enough reason for me.

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