Could Sony And Google Produce A Better Online Experience Than Xbox Live?

Gaming Irresponsibly takes a look at a mutual partnership that could change the way we experience online console gaming.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2834d ago

It would be a far better experience. Google would probally intergrate stuff like Youtube (I know 360 is getting this in the Fall) and Google Plus. The Apps would be a nice bonus to use on a gaming console and will only expand of what we would consider the medium in Home Consoles.

Godmars2902834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I'm still wondering where the GoogleTV app for the PS3 is, much less why Youtube restricts the browser? Forces me to get a better quality of streaming off PS3Youtube.

I'm not talking about XL but the overall limited level of interactivity. How you can't - since I last checked anyway - comment, rate videos or even manage your account. Some videos you can't even access especially the rental service. They're directly keeping you from giving them money - how is that not wrong?

Dramscus2834d ago

Doesn't really force you to use youtube xl just defaults to it there's a link to regular youtube on the page somewhere.

I'd lay bets on them getting together with something like this.
I'm pretty sure the vita's os is based of android.

Not running android mind but using a similar modified linux kernel.

M-Easy2834d ago

I don't understand how this hasn't happened yet. They both share a common enemy. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And NO I didn't take that from that awful AVP movie.

darthv722834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

And which enemy would that be? Facebook (enemy of Google Plus), Apple and the IOS (enemy of Android), MS's Bing (enemy to Google search)....

I'm sure there are many different aspects we could look at. Realistically MS makes software. Google started as a search provider and Sony does hardware. There is no real "common" enemy.

The fact they all dipped their toes in similar waters isnt that much of a big deal. Dont misrepresent what happens in one companies division with a generalization of the company as a whole.

Google and motorola deal is probably more important to them at the moment.

@godmars...didnt youtube make a change to their streaming options some time ago? Opting for html 5 and silverlight support in addition to the newer flash that the ps3 browser doesnt support. It isnt so much youtube's fault as it is sony's for not releasing an updated browser or patch to convert on the fly.

So if you are going through a portal site, they are doing the conversion for you. The Wii does the same thing but they use Opera for their browser and it just got an update not to long ago.

Godmars2902834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Thing is for one I'm talking about the control interface not video streaming. Though if you do use the main site to view videos and get a commercial, more often than not that will have better video quality than the video you want to watch.

Second, having used the PS3 browser for years there have been too many instances of it getting an update and working fine only to have the issues I'm talking about crop up again within days. That kind of thing can only be happening on Youtube's end because they're making it happen. The 360 app deal only confirms it. That it was probably done to present them as neutral and with something to offer. Much like Hulu Plus wold be worthless to a PS3 owner.

Google would get its cut of the action through advertising and accessibility alone. GoogleTV itself isn't a paid/subscription service.

malol2834d ago

cant see that happen since Google would want its cut in the action

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subtenko2834d ago

Sony is already working on that and has started that with the PSVita. They just told us the psvitas community, social, and online experience features and by golly...its about time! B-) Yes this includes crossgame chat, but theres more. Now adding google to the picture, its a possibility, but only the future can tell.

p.s. what about Apple? It seems Apple and Google are two companys that are friends with Sony.

What more could a company do though to a certain extent to make online experience better when combining everyone current experience into one? What I mean is combine PSN, xboxlive, and (all the positives from nintendos online gaming, where do we go beyond that? Projected Holographic sharing? lol

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tiffac2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Apple is also a hardware manufacturer and is trying to fight off the Android market (which includes Sony devices).

So it would be more viable for a Sony and Google partnership than an Apple and Sony one since more than likely Apple may be looking at Sony as another competitor than an allie and vice versa.

subtenko2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

@tiffac, good point. I used to have a Sony Ericsson but I have an iphone as my current phone,lol.

The fact that a company would team up with Sony vs. Making their own console is interesting. It would be kind of chaotic if we had 4 home consoles on the market tho -_-

p.s. @otherZinc (comment below) if M$ can blow features into outer space, then why dont they do that with all the money that have?

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ArmrdChaos2833d ago

If they look to create anything to provide a valid challenge to XBLive then they would have to create a new system from the ground up. This mashup approach that Sony took only paints themselves into corners at times. So the question will become whether or not Google would be willing to take on that burden with all the other equally important stuff they have going on now. It all comes down to the ROI numbers.

otherZinc2834d ago

Does the "Author" know what M$ does for a living?

The next XBOX can have Windows 8, Bing, a PC Processor, Skype, etc... AND its all in house owned by M$.

If M$ wants to, they can blow features clean into Outer Space if the want!

NIRVANArazor2833d ago

the vita has skype just letting you know

leemo192833d ago

so the new xbox will have windows 8, just another failure software MS doesn't know how to fix. Bing was a complete ripoff off google search engine even got sued by google for using the same type of search order when putting in random things. skype vita already has that.

Christopher2833d ago

Two companies with their own goals attempting to compete with a single company that already has established one of the strongest core communities for gaming purposes?

I think they could offer something that many gamers might consider better, but it would take a lot more money, time, and effort for them to actually work together to get it done to a point where it is equal to Microsoft's offerings let alone providing something overall better.

ArmrdChaos2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Not too sure if anything major will come out of this agreement this generation, but who's to say that they couldn't develop a custom version of the Android OS to serve as the backbone on the next system. That would be more in Google's comfort zone...minimal effort to tweek the existing OS and let Sony or 3rd party developers deal with the rest of what Sony needs.

PR0X12833d ago

Google does nothing exclusive. They even make apps for Apple. But I don't think Apple will ever make any apps for Android. Google is cool like that.

showtimefolks2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

but i am not holding my breathe for it if it happens its great if it doesn't in my opinion psn is still great.

the last xblive dashboard update made it very hard to use so in a way MS is trying to make it user friendly while i like the classic look of psn

now if sony can do something about psn store now that's where i think they do need to improve

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jacksheen00002834d ago

Not even a chance that Sony And Google Produce A Better Online Experience...M$ are masters when it come to software application and development.

Now, I m not saying its not possible, but it wouldn't be easy either to challenge M$.

cyborg69712834d ago

Ms is master of stealing and buying out other peeps software. And the fact that ms is scared of google should make them poo their pants if this would ever occur.

Dramscus2834d ago

Lol so true. Even the first version of dos was purchased from another company, and the first version of windows was a clone of the mac os of the time.

MS are a blight. The only people that are really into them are uber patriotic americans and consumers that don't check facts and figures.

Oh I guess people who have lots of friends on live are pretty into the company but they probably fall into the slightly ignorant category.

They really are and always have been a big evil company. Which has been taken to court with antitrust charges and consumer privacy concerns numerous times.

jacksheen00002834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )


I agree M$ has stolon other peeps software.
But the sad thing is... about most business corp is that in order to be successful you gotta step on a few people to get ahead in life. That the way it goes, which I don't agree with, but that is what it all about in the Business world.

So, in other words, if M$ did not have the shady mentality when the stated out in the 70's, they wouldn't be where they are today. Suck HUH?


you don't get what I m trying to say...

what I m saying is that you just don't go up to M$ and challenge them and expect to win over night. M$ are on top and they will do what ever it takes to keep it that way. Got IT???

olLANDSHARKlo2833d ago

@dramscus Are you a idiot. 360 come out of the gate with achievements, 6 months later the PS3 has trophies, but you are fine supporting them, grow up.

gcolley2834d ago

"Not even a chance" | "Now, I m not saying its not possible" ???

make up your mind

KwietStorm2834d ago

Microsoft are masters of what? What did you just say?

leemo192833d ago

Let me laugh for sec HAHAHAHAHAHA!!. MS the master of software you must be a good comedian cause that's just funny.

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lazertroy2834d ago

Yes I pray for Google Chrome every morning I wake up to check my e-mail,facebook etc. on my PS3 browser and then my PS3 Freezes.

Pikajew2834d ago

Why don't you check it on your PC?

KwietStorm2834d ago

lol @ disagrees. Cmon kids, really?

Hazmat132833d ago

no one looks on my browser history on my ps3.

Ddouble2834d ago

You really use your PS3 to do all that?

newleaf2834d ago

Could could could...still not happening.

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