Vampires: Did Infamous 2 Just Jump the Shark?

Geek Revolt writes:

"Infamous 2 is one of 2011’s best games so far—so the announcement of a add-on/downloadable game should be good news, right? Well it is, but it’s not what fans were expecting, Cole is a vampire. Is this awesome or did Infamous 2 just jump the shark?"

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iamnsuperman2834d ago

I had the same feeling until a user pointed out that this could be like the undead nightmare expansion for red dead redemption. I do still feel it is bad they didn't leave infamous 2 as it ended (good ending). It was such a good ending. Sucker punch told the story it wanted to tell and it ended well. It doesn't even need a third game (story wise)

subtenko2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I think this is the best appearance of Cole I've seen imo B-)

this is an optional standalone game for anyone whos wants to play it of course. If someone doesnt like it, they are gonna play it. But a lot of people like Infamous and theres more about this add-on to know about.

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badz1492834d ago

Zombies are not even making any sense in the old west but yet when R* came out with Undead Nightmare, everything is GREAT! why not with inFAMOUS 2? it's a crime now for dev to keep releasing content for their games ha? screw you haters!

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r212834d ago

just finished the game and got the good ending. it was perfect and has me put to tears :'D

theunleashed642834d ago

after seeing the trailer....yeah ain't no sparkling here.

newleaf2834d ago

Lol a vampire? Whats next? Werewolves? If so I'm with team...*googles...Jacob. Lol
*I didn't really google, I know his name *hangs head in shame*

KwietStorm2834d ago

That was right over my head..

Deshwittat2834d ago

Screw jacob i'm with team.... *yahoos*....*googles*.... forget it they both suck...

Ddouble2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Werewolves is not a bad idea actually.

Enemies are humans in the day, Werewolf during a full moon lol.

morganfell2834d ago

When I think werewolves I think Lawrence Talbot. Del Toro did him justice.

joeorc2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

"Lol a vampire? Whats next? Werewolves?"

yea, it's not like a vampire turned member's of the X-men into vampires, or Bat-man being turned into a vampire..oh, wait a min...yea That just never happens in comic books.../that was was Sarcasm, it happens in Comic books there sparky, its nothing new, but it's cool none the less in my opinion.


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Baka-akaB2834d ago

Jump a shark ? dude Infamous' inspiration are superheroes comics . Doesnt get more deliciously cheesy than that .

And those do get mixed quite often into vampires stories

Sheikah2834d ago

Yep. Can't condone vampires.. huge lava man though - very plausible!

Ethereal2834d ago

It's an interesting addition to the series. Although I guess kind of a small story to tell around Halloween so I suppose it fits.

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