Why a WiFi-free PSP ain't such a bad idea

MMGN writes: Following Sony's revealing of a new PSP model during its GamesCom 2011 press conference, gamers began querying Sony's new direction with the handheld.

With Vita's launch fast approaching (in Japan at least -- we still don't know of other region release dates) the PSP's worth is quickly dwindling, despite it still selling well in Japan and other regions.

Even MMGN members have voiced their confusion at the new model, mainly focused on its lack of wi-fi functionality. Priced at under 100 Euro, it's definitely an affordable piece of hardware, but without any online connection, how are people supposed to get their games?

While at first glance the idea might seem strange -- the PSP's disc format in the UMD is essentially obsolete, with little-to-no new games being released for months -- it's actually not as wacky as you might think.

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waltyftm3081d ago

Never expected that in a million years.

darthv723081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I was reading the spec sheet and didnt see where there would be NO WIFI in the non 3g version.

WiFi is in all psp models. The inclusion of 3G is a different model. For sony to make a vita minus even the same basic principal of wifi that other psp models had is preposterous.

For what i have read there will be two models. One with 3g and one without. Never did it say wifi would be compromised. This is like the days of the ps3 with and without wifi. It was different then because they both had wired network connections as the common ground.

I would assume the vita will have wifi and bluetooth as common ground between models. One will also have 3g mobile broadband. If NOT....then they should make the 3g unit able to be purchased WITHOUT contract for the service if you dont intend to use it.

edit: thank you for the clarification. I'm at work and didnt read the full details. On that note...a cheaper psp without wifi isnt all that bad of an idea. I sometimes plug my psp into the ps3 for file transfers and people who happen to have a ps3 but no psp can still take advantage of store content through the ps3.

I loaded up angry birds on all 3 of my psp's through direct connection to the ps3. Had to put it on mine (GO model), my son's (2000) and my original 1000 that the wife plays.

MrBeatdown3081d ago

This is about a new model PSP. Not the Vita.

GamersRulz3081d ago

Vita will have WiFi in all models. Sony just introduced a new PSP model without WiFi which priced @ $99.

it's a great idea in my opinion.

starcb263081d ago

I can use my phone as a mobile hot spot, so I don't really need the 3G model.

FragGen3081d ago

LOL at wasting tons of time writing a super long response because you're "too busy" to actually read the original article. Way to go! :)

darthv723081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

its cool. Not so much "too busy". Just that i was at work. I've already read it now but thanks.

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Micro_Sony3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Third world countries will gobble this up.

Edit: Yeah but I can get a PSP 3000 for 129 at Walmart.

Also why did Sony just drop the price on the 3000 instead of releasing a new model? Wouldnt it cost more money to advertise a new model instead of dropping the price on an the 3000.

NeoBasch3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Um... this should appeal to everybody. The WiFi on the PSP is a joke. What are you going to use it for? It's almost like how the PS2 was rarely used for online gaming (SOCOM, Final Fantasy XI, and that's about it).

Why would anyone want a more expensive model just for WiFi? I'd understand if this was the PS3 or Vita we're talking about, but this is the freaking PSP. The handheld that get's updated with lower quality Pulse videos every other week and that's it. Let's not kid ourselves.

Pedobear Rocks3081d ago

@Neo....I use my PSP to Remote Play content on my home server (movies and music) at work everyday. Wifi is the magic sauce that allows this.

NeoBasch3081d ago

Understandable, Remote Play doesn't work too well on my connection. I'd just rather use a USB and import the data onto my 16Gig stick.

FragGen3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

@NeoBasch You're a 'tard, Gamesharing is friggin awesome (unless you don't have any friends :) ). Plus all the SOCOM titles and Syphon filter were really fun online, not to mention being able to login directly to the PSN store and grab a comic book or the latest pulse or something without a PS3 connection. And then there's remote play as another mentioned.

That said, another cheap knock around PSP is fine by me. I could see this model being pretty young kid friendly at the lower price point (not as tragic if it is broken/lost) and with no wifi (they don't need PS Store or Skype).

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Kamikaze1353081d ago

Anybody who thinks it's a bad idea loves to complain. Sony is selling this along side the 3001 model. It's not like they're only selling this model.

user8586213081d ago

Odd, then why was there so much complain for the PSP-GO?? :S weird!!. That too should have been accepted amongst gamers with open arms.

MrBeatdown3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

It might have something to do with the massive price difference between this and the Go and the fact that it couldn't play certain games due to the lack of the UMD drive.

KillerPwned3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I have the PSP GO and i really love it. Got it for$130 with 3 games. Great handheld and the new pause feature is very handy along with the 16GB flash memory.

This new model PSP will certainly appeal to people. This might sell a lot in Japan where PSP`s are very famous. Those japs love their monster hunter so I`m not sure if this model will take off well their.

FragGen3081d ago

At the time, people were rightfully concerned that the go was an attempt to force a different use model on PSP owners and to also obsolete UMD. It was seemingly positioned as a top of the product line based on price and marketing.

This product is a cheap cash in on the PSP tech at the end of its lifecycle that supplements the old product line at a kid friendly price point. Completely different situations.

DA_SHREDDER3081d ago

what was the point of wifi in the regular psp to begin with? LMAO!

Baka-akaB3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Plenty of us did use it for video/music streaming , gaming , ps3 game streaming ... or even simple access to store stuff .

If it was useless , Monster hunter wouldn't be one of the few psp megahits

Ddouble3081d ago

How do you think the 4 million plus people who bought Monster Hunter in Japan play together?

I myself use it for Dissidia and i'm sure many others use it as well.

Js2Kings3081d ago

It's a bad idea for those who don't have a PS3, and a horrible idea for those who don't know about the Vita. Speaking of Vita, if you got this and then the Vita, the UMDs would be incompatible with it (like the PSP Go, only downloads are). But if you want a quick, cheap gaming option, just for road/airplane trips than it's a good deal.

Ddouble3081d ago

You can still put stuff on it with Media Go so a Ps3 isn't needed.

Bounkass3081d ago

Lol, and yet, it says nowhere WHY EXACTLY a new PSP with NO Wi-Fi "ainn't such a bad idea".

hellerphant3081d ago

I think the conclusion does a good job of it:

"Just as a new piece of hardware moves out and another moves in, Sony is looking to expand the worth of its product range by changing the way in which consumers approach a particular product. Looking at the PSP as a multimedia device first, a gaming device second is not as outrageous as it seems, as it's been used in that capacity for a majority of its life cycle anyway."

That to me alludes to what was said above, suggesting that Sony selling it as more of a multimedia device that can have games transferred over from the PS3 really 'ain't such a bad idea' considering the handware's strong sales (which is mentioned in the article). It really would be silly for Sony to keep maximising profits when it can further increase overall sales figures and install base by decreasing the price of its old product. At the end of the day, people will probably buy this and then buy a crap load of heavily discounted UMDs (they're everywhere) at good prices. Or use their PS3/PC to buy, download and play games on it.

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