Eyecandy: Dissecting the Battlefield 3 Caspian Border Trailer

VGW: Battlefield 3 closed out Electronic Arts' gamescom press conference with a spectacular trailer for the Caspian Border multiplayer map on the PC. The Thunder Run trailer for Battlefield 3 from E3 in June was impressive, but this new Caspian Border trailer has just taken things to another level. The mix of impressive graphic techniques and large-scale battles with infantry, vehicles and aircraft across such a large and varied terrain is something that no other game can currently match.

We've stepped through the trailer and taken some screenshots to catch what little tidbits we can from the 64-player mayhem.

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ATi_Elite3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

This Game is outta control! This video represents what The battlefield series is all about and I just can't believe what i just saw.

The Scale is HUGE, the intensity is HIGH and 64 player Conquest mode is gonna KICK major ASS!

The jets seem a little slow but I'm sure that's for a reason or it will be fixed. Nothing more I can say (speechless) but i wish it was October 25th.

Caleb_1413080d ago


Ducky3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

It's too bad there aren't mod tools.

I wouldn't mind having custom TDM entirely composed of jets.

WolfLeBlack3080d ago

I don't need to slow motion dissect the trailer; I saw explosions, therefore I'm in!

Anyway, a very enjoyable little video. I picked up on a few things I hadn't noticed beforehand.

My big hope now is that they can also deliver a good single player campaign to make it a stunning all-round package.

Septic3080d ago

Man....I knew BF3 was going to be good but this trailer....

Let me paint you a picture of my reaction when I first saw the trailer:

I'm at work. I go on N4G because the boss left early. I notice the post on the trailer. I shout out loud "OH SHIIIIT!"

My work colleague and mate comes round saying "What?" I say a new trailer has been finally released for BF3 with Jets.

He says I'm sad and need to get laid.

We both watch the trailer.

My eyes are wide open like someone has stuck a powerdrill up my arse.

I turn to my mate.

THIS is his face------> O_O

Needless to say, he won't be touching COD anytime soon.

killyourfm3080d ago

Best comment I've seen all month.

ATi_Elite3080d ago

Nice! I wish i could of heard you scream at work...I would of laughed my ass off...then come running over to see!

some what similar situation:
I had an Older co-worker walk by my desk while i was viewing the trailer....He stops and asks me why "I was watching old CNN footage of The Bosnian War"?

I couldn't help but laugh while telling him it was a game! Then he ask me to fix his home PC.....Cha-Ching!!! BF3 just paid for itself!!
Thanks DICE!

Septic3080d ago

You lucky sod!! Mind you, he sounds like a noob so don't let him any where near the jets in the game.

I actually pre-ordered the game there and then. Thinking about it now, never have I done that; watched a trailer and be so gobsmacked that I straight up insta-ordered a game like that.

Man...there are going to be good times. My only dilemma is, I have a gaming PC that can run this but my friends don't. I pre-ordered the 360 version but I'll be buying the PC version too (again, never have I had the intention of buying two copies of the same game!).

Somehow I need to convince my mates to build a gaming pc. If this trailer can't do that, nothing can :(

popup3080d ago

1st:- Fantastic audio on this trailer. Watch it again without it to see how important it is.

2nd:- Contrast at 10 really helps quick cut scenes to look photo realistic.

Conclusion:- Fantastic trailer ;)

FragMnTagM3080d ago

Man that was intense. October 25th can't come soon enough.