Sony Announces Graffiti Application For PlayStation Vita

PushSquare: "A trailer for Tag -- what looks like a simplistic, downloadable graffiti application for PlayStation Vita -- has popped up on Sony's YouTube channel this evening. The video demonstrates the creation of simple pieces of graffiti which can then be placed and shared within the world, presumably taking advantage of Vita's 3G connectivity."

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blackburn103083d ago

You mean I can write what ever I want on any surface and anyone with a VITA can see what I wrote? Awesome. Graphitti with out the mess or arrests or talent

Beetey3083d ago

I wonder if that will require 3G?

one2thr3083d ago

That has to be one of the most coolest uses I have ever seen with augmented reality

rbluetank3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

imagine leaving your name /phone number for a hot girl you met while walking with your girlfriend. lol wait "foruck" kids stuff! can this be used by the army on a low tech spy mission? this is the coolest thing that Vita has shown me by far!

Etseix3082d ago

this is not even out yet, and already planning good/evil stuff? dang o_O

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