MMOs: What's Next?

Great Gaming Crusade: "Its pretty remarkable how advanced humanity’s standard of living has become in the last decade. Smart phones are now a staple item in most American families, 3D films are rampantly running across movie theaters around the United States, and surprisingly enough, MMOs are now some of the most popular forms of gaming. Unfortunately, like most things however, the MMO market will eventually crash due mostly to the over-saturation of the genre. Where will they go from there? This important question, and possibly more, will all be discussed and answered in this take on the future of MMO gaming."

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Software_Lover2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I want a Mass Effect MMO, with starbases, Different classes (of course), space ships, Reaper Boss Raids, Krograns, Rachni, Asari love interests, Geth Attacks, Distress signals that we have to investigate, distress calls, Pilot class that has to not only fight but fly the ship during some missions.

O guy can dream