Playstation 3 Price Drop – Bold Statement, Smart Move

Gamers Xtreme: "Viewers of GamesCom 2011′s Sony press event were sent off with some exciting news – All Playstation 3 system prices will drop by $50, globally and immediately. This includes the core 160gb system as well as the 320gb move bundle. And despite all the other announcements packed into the press event, this is, at least in this gamer’s opinion, the most poignant."

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DA_SHREDDER3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

I know you rich people on n4g probably won't agree with me, but I think it still cost too damn much. If I can get a 360 used for $99 and my ps3 breaks down out of warranty, my options really start leaning toward Sony's competition. I really feel like I jumped into this gen too early. All the games I bought day one, to just be obsolete by their sequels that are now selling for $29. YLOD runs rampant despite what everyone thinks. In game xmb didn't even come into existence until after I had already spent $800 bucks on a ps3, extra controller, and a couple of games. I even fell for the PS Move and its capabilities until I realized I have to point at the screen or press L2 just to pivot the camera while playing a game that wasn't on rails. I will admit, lessons were well learned, but its already too late for me. I've spent $1000's of dollars and yet almost have nothing to show for it.

iamnsuperman3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

I am going to go with troll just by what you said. So your going to get a used xbox that are notoriously break after a while. It might be a sock to you but you can get used PS3. Also you can get your PS3 fixed ( I have seen places do it for around £70).

darthv723076d ago

it was a standard move. They found ways to cut costs to the point where to stimulate lower the price.

Why so many are making this into some strategic venture? Sony had this in mind for some time but the hardware had to come into place not only with manufacturing costs but also sales margins.

Nobody drops the price on something without looking at the sales margins and justifying the actions. MS doesnt need to counter this move like some are suggesting. That is because their hardware is selling within their expected margins.

They could match the price to save face but they dont have to. Lowering the price on kinect would be a better counter to the recent price drop for Move. I can see that happening.

GamersRulz3076d ago

Why don't you look for a used PS3 then?

blackburn103076d ago

Please YLOD runs rampant? Really? So what do you think that when they said that the PS3 fail rate is only about 11% that everyone was lying or something? A PS3 doesn't break down that much and a 360 broke down and still breaks down more then any console ever did. What is the point buying something cheap and it can't even last?

You would rather buy a 360 that breaks 40-50% of the time then buy something that will most likely will last at least a couple of years? And like everyone says just buy a used PS3.

xer03076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

I don't think you're all that smart.

N4SIR3076d ago

geez... i know the feeling! damn faceless corporations overcharging for their products and suckering people like you and me in. They should just give away their products and hope that we donate money to them to keep making their products. we would save so much money and would definately donate what we could. The money would be tax free revenue so it's actually a really good business model. They gotta innovate like that if they want us gamers to keep buying their products.

for example radiohead. releasing an album and letting their fans decide what to pay for it. it was released to to critical and commercial acclaim. $ony and M$ should do the same thing. imagine how many console they would move!

new world order people! and they should also be hackable straight away....

nix3076d ago

i'm sure the used 360 is more likely to break down than the used ps3. like seriously.

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LOGICWINS3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

I think a $50 cut was smarter than a $100 price drop. People will now get it @ $200 regardless by buying used or through Black Friday deals.

The only bad thing for Sony is that now Microsoft might launch a $149.99 4GB 360. They might also bundle Halo Anniversary with it for $199 with 1 year of XBL Gold included.

Even though choosing the 360 ends up being more expensive for the consumer in the long run assuming that XBL Gold is payed for every year..the average Joe will not think about this and buy based on the Halo name and the seemingly great price tag.

GamersRulz3076d ago

I have to disagree with you, I think Sony should have dropped $100 and maintain this price for extended period of time.

360 prices has been low for so long, but people all over the world are waiting for PS3 price to drop, that why you get a huge media reaction whenever PS3 price dropped.

soljah3076d ago

nope the $50 price cut and 249.00 retail is perfect. this still allows the big retailers to do their weekly promotions of buy your ps3 receive a $50 in store gift card(walmart,target,bb,amazon etc) so the effective price becomes 199.00 and everyone wins.

firemassacre3076d ago

buying the infamous 2 limited edition ps3, today is a good day.