Sony Conference Gamescom 2011 Recap Including all the details (

Sony Gamescom Recap. Seem like sony still have hope for PSP and they are ready to release a new version of PSP

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LakerGamerEnthusiast3079d ago

you did well Sony =) now then? whose gonna pass up on a blue ray player and all the other things it has at this price? great for new customers

miyamoto3078d ago

It depends on what type of games you like to play and the functionality of the device you prefer.

Yes, the PS3 & PSV are dedicated gaming machines but there's a whole lotta difference when it comes to game play and functions.

The only obvious difference is you cant play PSMove games on PSV but in terms of other useful functions the PSV dare I say can do more everything than the PS3.

Cereal3079d ago

Glad I didn't watch this conference. Seems like it was mostly about boring handhelds. No point in buying a Vita now that the PS3 is the same price as the PS3 has better games & graphics. People are better off saving some money for the PS4 so they don't get butthurt when they can't afford it and say it will fail just because they can't get one.

awesomeperson3079d ago

The problem is the PS3 isn't exactly... portable. I would rather have a PS Vita aswell so I could take it with me when I'm out of the house.

FragGen3079d ago

"No point in buying a Vita now that the PS3 is the same price as the PS3 has better games & graphics."

Exactly! Just get a backpack, a helmet mounted LCD monitor to attached to your head and a really long extension cord and they're pretty much identical. ROTFL.

beavis4play3079d ago

i gotta give you a bubble for the funny!

ReservoirDog3163079d ago

I think he means you get more bang for your buck if you buy a PS3 over a Vita. Like how they charge $60 for Skyrim and some 5 hour game like...Vanquish. Both good sure but your $60 goes a lot further with Skyrim.

Just a quick example so don't nitpick. Regardless, I got a PS3 already so I'm getting a Vita eventually. Money's tight but it seems very worth it.

KongRudi3079d ago

The game-lineup is shaping to be incredible for the Vita.

So I guess it depends if people likes gaming or waiting.
If they buy a Vita, they can start gaming on it, while if they wait for PS4 as you suggest, they will have to wait a few more years before they can game..