I’m Not Going to Lie, I’m a Little Bit Scared

Laura of GAMElitist talks about the future of horror games, the psychology behind them, and how it affects her.

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Hellsvacancy4690d ago (Edited 4690d ago )

I had to stop playin it around my 3/half year old daughter, i bought it, was sittin there enjoyin it not even aware she was payin attention to it then she sais "oh no Daddy the little boys head fell off" i thought *its ok, its not that bad, shes seen me BRUTAL melee kill some poor sap on K3 a hundred times* but the scene with the Spider got to much for her

I did the fatherly thing and turned it off, put Thomas And Friends on, its the only time shes ever commented on a game shes seen me play, ive never played God Of War/Dead Space etc around her (there is limit) but yeah, shes didnt like Limbo one bit

I loved it, im DEFO gonna 100% it

JoGam4690d ago

Dude I don't like bugs and when the spider popped out......I actually jumped in my seat. The spider looks creepy.

NeoBasch4690d ago

Completely agreed. The horror genre is perhaps the only form of gaming to receive such a large boost in comparison to their movie equivalents. Games like Dead Space, Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame put to shame just about every horror movie that ever existed.

It could be because of the increased focus on the player, but I have a feeling it has more to do with the excellent character development that horror movies are denied because of their length. Also, the attention to detail is much greater in a game than a movie, because the player might be able to interact with it.

Games like Silent Hill are scary because you come to care for the characters and sympathize with their problems. These only compound when you put the controller in the player's hand.

Also, nice taste in movies. Wolf Creek was scary as hell. The Exorcist was a joke.

limewax4690d ago

I personally feel it's got more to do with how the movie industry has fallen from grace as such, There are great horror movies, just they're all old.

Games are overtaking movies in many aspects, and most disturbingly, story telling. That is why I find the horror genre of games has risen so much, It can retain the core principles of horror in gaming in a way most genres would struggle with. Hence it carries over easily and outshines the horror movie industry

jeeves864690d ago

The Exorcist is almost 40 years old. Also, forgive me for making an assumption here, but the film tends to lose a lot of its bite if you're an atheist.

Horror games have so have so much power in them because unlike a movie, the game cannot proceed without player interaction. That means that eventually you have to man (or woman) up and take the plunge.

NeoBasch4690d ago

I'm not an atheist. It still sucked, IMO. It was cheesy, and ridiculous. No one seemed to be thinking logically. Didn't care for any of the characters either.

jeeves864690d ago

And that brings us back to my first point, it's an old movie. It's not as frightening now as it was back when it was released, but in its time it was really scary for a lot of people.


Resident Evil Zero and Code Veronica Remakes are reportedly in the works, not Resident Evil 1

Industry insider Dusk Golem reveals that there is no Resident Evil 1 Remake in the works. Instead, Capcom are reportedly in active development of Resident Evil Zero and Code Veronica.

-Foxtrot22d ago

RE Zero would be better to do first over RE1 because they can tie the story into RE1 more.

The original RE Remake was weird because Rebecca never mentioned anything about what happened in Zero and it felt so disjointed because Zero was developed during the Remake and they clearly didn't share any notes with one another.

Cacabunga21d ago

Wise decision. 2 of my favorites!

repsahj21d ago

RE Zero is one of my favorite game on gamecube!

Knightofelemia22d ago

Give me Dino Crisis dammit Capcom

TGG_overlord21d ago

And all it took was +24 years + a phone call from me lol.

GotGame81821d ago

LOL! A phone call from you? ROFL! They have been remaking RE games for YEARS! It was a matter of time!

21d ago
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Silent Hill transmission coming May 30th 4.pm. PDT

Blooper Team will share game updates, a deeper look at the film and new merch.

-Foxtrot22d ago

This is make or break for the Silent Hill 2 remake, if it looks lacklustre then I think it's the final nail in the coffin for a lot of people. Nothing has been wow worthy since it's reveal.

Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil 4 Remake, the Dead Space Remake etc, it has a lot to live up to with the quality remake titles we've gotten recently over the years.

SmortBoie21d ago

While an expectation of the highest quality for such a revered title as SH2 is entirely valid, I feel that the comparison to the likes of RE2R/RE4R is a little steep. Capcom, Konami ain't (these days) and likewise, the SH franchise ain't nothing to the likes now in comparison to the juggernaut which is the RE franchise. A tempered level of expectation would do your appreciation that we're getting something at all a significant justice.
While from the shadows I often agree with your critisisms and opinions, I think you're being to harsh on this particular mid-level team and their passion project here. Sure, it would have been nice to get something of the vein Capcom can deliver, but the profit the SH franchise can conjure in 2024 is likely a far cry from the sure-thing RE is and the budget, no doubt, reflects the uncertainty. In the end, what we'll have here is a serviceable mid-level slow-burn, clunky exploration-based survival horror title that aptly revisits the setting, atmosphere and experience of the core Silent Hill essence in the modern gaming era. For some of us it's enough to be given a chance to be inside that world again, with the town rendered in better graphics than we've ever seen before by a team who obviously cares deeply for the lore of this franchise and is doing their best.
Was it a stupid idea to focus our first-look on a combat trailer? Definitely. It's the aspect I personally care least about. Will it be difficult to accept the modern direction of the characters, voice work and doubtless changes to to the story? Undeniably. But will I be delighted to experience this reimaginging of a game that shaped the very foundation of who I am as a gamer 23 years ago? Without. Question.

I think we need to ease off on expecting everything to be Naughty Dog level masterclass in gaming and just try more to appreciate what is. While we should expect quality from our hard earned dollars, and no doubt have the right to withhold them in defiance of shitty games, greedy corporate practices and buggy messes - we should also give credit where credit is due when the industry at least tries to compromise with us and deliver on what people want.

... would I have likely been significantly happier with a full-scale true modern remastering of SH2 instead of a reimaginging by an unproven studio. Lol hell yes brother. Alas.