CVG - Dan Greenawalt: He thought of cars

CVG - The video games industry simply doesn't have enough MMA-fighting, engine-obsessed religious theorists.

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Objective3078d ago

Heh this black belt guy is kick ass, and his game will kick the competition's ass for sure!

ironwolf3078d ago

Interesting interview of an interesting person. But the fanboys will be here to start trashing any minute.

Pyscho_Mantis3078d ago

this guy is a dickhead...I will never forget the bullshit he spoke about forza 3...the game fucking didnt even have shifting animations...apparantly the physics was on the cutting edge of science" hahahaa.

kingdoms3078d ago

You're mad because he tells the truth while speaking his mind? LOL

turnerdc3078d ago

Haha, I see this guy in EVERY Forza article. Why you mad bro?

iamgoatman3078d ago

The shifting animations were added in a patch soon after release, for someone who hates the game so much you don't seem to know much about it.

Did Dan Greenawalt punch your dog or something?

MOTY3078d ago

No, he just created a better game exclusive to the 360. That's much worse to a Sony Fanboy.

ironwolf3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

See what I mean?

And incidentally, Forza 3 does include shifting animations.

Take your trolling lies elsewhere; they, like you, aren't welcome in a civilized discussion.

@below: I've never driven it automatic but the animations are definitely there for manual transmissions.

earbus3078d ago

It didnt have shift animations driving automatic much.

Blacktric3078d ago

Even if you drove automatic, the game had shifting animations. Now, I haven't played the full game yet but it was in the demo.

m233077d ago

They added it in a patch very soon after release for both automatic and manual.