PS3 vs. PSVita: The Same Price? Is Sony Competing with itself?

GR: When the PlayStation Vita pricing was announced at E3 2011, the gaming community let out a simultaneous sigh of relief: The Vita will be affordable. After the 3DS price drop, analysts and investors spoke out against Sony, claiming that the Vita needed to have a lower price. At first I didn't at all agree with analysts calling for a PlayStation Vita price drop, especially not before it was ever released. But with the latest news that the PS3 price was dropped to $249, I'm starting to agree.

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doctorstrange3082d ago

I'm sure some consumers will think "I can get a bigger, more powerful, more multimedia capable device for the same price"

fluffydelusions3082d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing when I heard the price.

Sev3082d ago

It's hard not to think like that. Now imagine the uninformed consumer and how they're going to think. The PS3 will win every time.

saladthieves3082d ago

It is a bit weird that the Vita (3G Model) costs more than the PS3. Understandable, but a bit weird to think about, in my opinion.

NewMonday3082d ago

dream bundle:

PS3+PSV+MOVE+free game for 500$

maybe add a free month of PSN+ for good measure

how dose this sound?

darthv723082d ago

for a company to release a product that not only competes with others but also their own product line. Pretty standard if anything.

That seems to be the one aspect many on this site often forget. Sony has been competing with themselves since the ps3 first released. The popularity of the ps2 is what I believe was stalling the sales boom sony was expecting with the ps3.

Nintendo is competing against the ds/dsi with the 3ds. It isnt always the obvious competitors such as 3ds and psp or ps3 and 360. Now as for a promo bundle of Move/PSV and PS3 would be great but they would more than likely want to make the price less as a bundle than buying them individually.

MaxXAttaxX3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

PSVita is also very multimedia capable.
The technology, portability, etc, different.

If people want a multimedia home system, they'll get the PS3. Not because it's bigger.

If people want a portable multimedia gaming system, they'll get the PSVita.
It's plenty powerful for its small size and includes several features not found on the PS3 itself.

BattleAxe3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

They're two different experiences, so the question is do you want a handheld thats more powerful than a 360 on the go, or do you want a home entertainment system that can play Blu Ray discs.

The Vita can be used as a camera/ Video Camera, a communication device with 3G and its camera being used for Skype, a music/ movie player when on the go, web browsing on the go, and since its Android based you should be able to use Google Earth and Google maps which is great for work if you're on the road alot like I am. If they upgrade the firmware to include cell phone capability, I'll get rid of my HTC.

If people have kids, and they want to buy them a game system, but don't want to fork out money for a TV for their kids rooms, or they don't want their kids hogging the TV in the livingroom, then Vita is the perfect answer.

hkgamer3081d ago

BattleAxe... the PSVita is not android based... why do people think that?

Sony is not stupid enough to pay google for every PSvita they use...

PSvita will have the PSsuite though, which I think you are getting it mixed up with... read it up yourself...

Back on topic, I think people who doesn't have a home console will think that, but people that do will want a PSvita.

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KingSlayer3082d ago

If you're looking for a portable gaming device, console prices are pointless. Why not look at all the other things you could buy?

Anon19743082d ago

Ugh. Ridiculous. It's like saying "Sony sells TV's AND stereo equipment!? Are they trying to compete with themselves?"

These are two completely separate products. No one is going to go into a store looking for a Blu-Ray player and game console and go "Wait a second. A portable game player? Did you know about this?" Just like people shopping for portable devices aren't going to suddenly be confused by the PS3.

Holy crap, Sony also sells the PSP/Android smartphone! Consumers looking to buy a PS3 might buy one of them instead! What is Sony thinking having multiple products? Every Sony Phone/Vita/PS3 sold is taking a sale away from Sony's phones/Vita's/PS3's! Have they lost their minds?

news4geeks3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

well said

I also believe this will actually benefit the playstation brand having two well priced systems getting their name out there, especially in north america.

miyamoto3081d ago

well said, mate!
well said.

theonlylolking3082d ago

Many people also want to play games when they are gone and if they can get the same quality at home and on the go they might go for a PSvita. I would suggest a PSV for anyone that does not have an HDtv and you are out of your house a lot.

Thatguy-3103082d ago

But you can't take the ps3 on the go can you? Vita is a whole new system with its own library and features..thanks to mainstream of games on the go thanks to smartphones I think vita will survive at its price. Sony just needs to market the hell out of it

EZMickey3082d ago

It should be noted that there are some markets, such as Japan, where portable gaming is the more common kind because of the average consumers lifestyle.

At the very least I hope to see the Vita bundled with some sick games this holiday season.

cliffbo3082d ago

if comsumers think that then they are dumb the ps3 has been out for a few years now and as we all know hardware comes down in price so for a new piece of hardware to be priced at the same price as the ps3 is actually very cheap and well worth the purchase when the 3DS came out did anyone complain about the price of that when it was $249

ps also you cannot walk around with a ps3 in your pocket but you can have a simular experience with a veta on the go.

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alexcosborn3082d ago

True, Sony may benefit from a price drop on the Vita even if it's only $25

joeyisback3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

sony has no one else to compete with

insertcoin3082d ago

A PS3 and PS Vita bundle for $399.99. Make it happen!

*trans-farring my thoughts to Sony*

cochise3133082d ago

That would be insane. It could happen though. I'd say about $450 though. That would be a sweet deal.

PirateThom3082d ago

I predict one of these devices will have a price drop before the Vita releases... and it won't be the Vita.

EZMickey3082d ago

Dude, the PS3 just had a price drop.

PirateThom3082d ago

Yes, but Sony aren't going to have both devices at the same price and they're not going to drop the price of an unreleased device.

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