Microsoft unveils stellar line-up Gamescom 2011

Opening Wednesday, August 17, 2011, Microsoft’s presence on the gamescom show floor will reaffirm Xbox 360 as the platform to play this holiday’s top games and promises to thrill core gamers with blockbuster titles and content available exclusively on Xbox 360, including the multi-million selling “Gears of War” franchise playable in Germany for the very first time.

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fluffydelusions3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

I'm betting they will be announcing a price cut tomorrow too! If you're going to disagree at least leave a comment as to why lol. Seems pretty obvious it's going to happen.

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saladthieves3088d ago

It would be too weird if they suddenly made a price cut or change strategies because Sony cut prices. They will stick to their plan. If there is a price cut, it probably won't be due to Sony, this would have been planned.

EVILDEAD3603087d ago

The bottomline is Micrsoft is coming strong this holiday.

Gears in September is going to be a beast at retail

Forza 4 looks like the title has a chance to do big numbers worldwide..and only time will tell if it can break into mainstream with the Kinect features.

October they are also releasing sequels to to of the biggest selling Kinect games from last year..Both Kinect Sports 2 and Dance Central 2 are no brainers if you own Kinect

The end of October and the beginning of November mark what will be the showdown of the gaming industry in Battlefield and Call of Duty: MW3..both will be HUGE..but as every year proves COD seems to help the 360 sell hardware as well.

Not only that bringing up the anchor is Halo Anniversary which is a Halo fan's dream..I know it's mine.

Not too mention all of the big multi's from Batman to Skyrim to Assasin's Creed..which I hope do big numbers on both systems.

At the end of the day, Kinect could be a huge factor if Micrsoft continues to push the brand. Especially the fact the Kinect Disney and Sesame Street have HUGE potential for parents with young kids. But advertising will be make or break for those titles (Disney Channel, Nickelodeon etc.)

The 'X' factor is if Micrsoft plays hardball and goes for the price drop as well. It'll be interesting to see what decision is made.

Great times to be a holiday & holiday ever


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darthv723087d ago

I would expect it to be not so obvious on the 360 but on the kinect. $99.99 for the stand alone kinect would sell quite well this holiday.

There are plenty of people out there that probably want one but the $150 price is a bit standoffish. Like nintendo is seeing sales increase exponentially with the 3ds MS could see a strong sales on a $99 kinect.

Lowering the price on the main console when it is still selling is not usually what somebody does. That is when sales are dropping below margins that cost cutting comes into play.

saladthieves3087d ago

I don't think that there will be a price cut announced tomorrow. Microsoft's Xbox 360 has been selling very well. My guess is they are going to wait and see if the PS3's price cut has any impact on market sales. THEN they'll respond accordingly, likely with a price cut of their own.

joab7773087d ago

It us a great time to b a gamer although it would b nice if I could clone myself so I had time to play everything. Honestly though id rank the ps3 first, pc second and xbox 3rd. But as this article pointed out, that doesn't mean it is a bad holiday season for xbox. It will b interesting to see how sales r for the consoles and the games as money is tight and the level.of competition is at an all time high. Honestly xbox shouldn't simply cut its consoles price but also the kinnect or a bundle. U know it may b the best gaming year ever when im pretty sure I wont b playing gears 3 or uncharted 3 on day 1. Ill buy them but im sure ill b playing deus ex or resistance 3 in september and rage, batman and battlefield when uncharted releases. Also though for xbox is the release of the witcher 2. Man, ill be playing skyrim when it do I do? Lol. It is great time. If no games released until may next year, I would still hav something to play til then. Unfortunately Q1, is just as packed as this fall.

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gamingdroid3087d ago

Because MS is likely to take a wait and see approach. You don't drop the price without evidence your sales are hurting.

A $50 price drop, on 10 million unit is half a billion dollars and that is a low end estimate.

That is a lot of dough and you don't do that unless you feel you have to or need market share (i.e. to get support), something neither does.

beastgamer3087d ago

xbox price just makes me believe MS is thinking and following sony steps

-LUKE_SKYWALKER-3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Let me ask you something - Say you have been selling lemonade on your block for a $1 for years with no competition and then I come along and open a lemonade stand and sell my lemonade for for 50 cents are you going to continue to sell your lemonade for $1?

PJF_Josh3087d ago

I will if I'm selling my lemonade in Gears and Halo cups because people are still gonna buy it either way ;-)

--Onilink--3087d ago


here is an example as to why i might keep selling lemonades at $1.

Say i was selling 100 lemonades per month, then you come and start selling and my sales drop to 75 per month. Im still making $75.

Now if i drop to 50 cents just to keep my 100 sales per month, i would only be making $50 per month...

This is just a very simple scenario obviously, but maybe it can show you that a price drop is not something thats done without some heavy research 1st

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xAlmostPro3087d ago

Gears playable for the first time? i guess the beta didn't count as playable :s

Shepherd 2143087d ago

Gears playable for the first time in Germany, derp.

badz1493087d ago

really? no one in Germany downloaded the leaked version? doubt it!

NewZealander3087d ago

same stuff we already know about, and screw a price cut, i already have the console, i just want some decent games, not kinect BS.

PRHB HYBRiiD3087d ago

Lol look at all the trolls on the comments.

chriski3333087d ago

Wow stellar is not a word that should be used wit xbox line up

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NYC_Gamer3088d ago

I'd buy a 360s if the drop happens and get rid of my fat 20gb

Spitfire_Riggz3087d ago

Yeah I've actually been waiting for this. If the 4 gig goes down to 150 im getting it. Then ill get the best of both consoles!


Your name says allot about you and if you ever need someone to talk to remember that I am her.

No joke

silkrevolver3088d ago

Not that I don’t want it to happen, on the contrary, I’d be thrilled if Microsoft announced some real games... but what developers would they be coming from? Just saying.

Tilian3088d ago

Reads like a PR piece. Plus many of the titles in this "stellar line-up" are Kinect titles.

Megaton3088d ago

Was gonna say the same thing. It sounds like this was literally copied off a press sheet.

MrBeatdown3088d ago

I got a paragraph in and started wondering what the hell I was reading. It sounds exactly like a press release, yet it has the author's name on it.

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