Amazon opens orders on new PS3 price-cut

Following the GamesCom announcements this year is a price cut for the PS3 bundles for North America. The new price is just $249.

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alexcosborn3077d ago

Awesome. Will be picking up a PS3 ASAP.

Crazyglues3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Wow, that's pretty crazy that they dropped the price...

At 249 there is no excuse for not having a ps3.. So if you have been holding out, I think it's just time you picked one up already..

Should make the ones on eBay even cheaper, a used slim (the older model should now be going for like $200)

That's a sweet price if you can find it from a good seller..


Pedobear Rocks3077d ago

Best Buy Canada is selling the 320gb for 249 to clear them out.

Goozex3077d ago

im getting another one with my amazon gift card left over from the vita. NOWS THE TIME TO BUY!!!


Xbox is still cheaper lol

thoract3077d ago

How is it cheaper? 360 fanboys don't know how to do math or something. If you want the real Xbox experience you have to add a Hard Drive and XBL gold account to your purchase. Here let me help you out:

Xbox 360 Arcade: 199.99
250GB HD: 89.99
XBL 12 month: 53.96

Or your Kinect bundle: 399.99

Cheaper, huh. Can you honestly tell me that you don't need a HD and XBL account to enjoy your X360 Arcade edition?

KillerPwned3077d ago

I knew it was coming soon, I will get a slim now ASAP.