God of War: Origins Collection - Chains of Olympus 5 minute video preview

God of War: Origins Collection--which compiles both God of War PSP games into a 2-for-1 HD remake package for the PlayStation 3--makes for quite the complementary release to Sony's other September HD combo, The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection. We happen to be plugging away at our review copy of GoW: Origins and we thought to give you a sneak peek at a 5 minute section from Chains of Olympus. Click on the video link on the left to view the clip.

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erivera19943086d ago

Graphics havent changed at all.You call this an HD remake? Still looks like a PSP.

NegativeCreep4273086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

they are "Remasters". Just like the first God of War Collection.

If you had read the front of the God of War Collection box -- assuming you even own a PS3 -- it clearly says "Remastered in High Definition". There is a clear, indistinguishable difference between the two terms and what they mean.

Nontheless, the footage from this 5 minute video looks really good. It looks about on par with the first GOW Collection.

normalmode3086d ago

Thanks for the catch. Yes, this is a remaster. Unfortunately I can't change the N4G text, but I at least changed it accordingly in the original article.

erivera19943083d ago

yes i do own a PS3 and i own the GOW collection. Atleast on the Collection i could see the difference between it and the PS2 version. AND i said HD Remake because thats how they described it in the description. Sorry the author got it wrong.

kramun3086d ago

It's great buying a game for your psp then having it release on your console a bit later. Fantastic thinking behind these decisions.

It's not about money, it's about choice. They're letting you decide whether to buy it now or wait for an HD remake.

The only thing is you need to see the future to make that decision. A talent I haven't achieved yet.

Maybe there's a trophy for that?

3086d ago