Complete list of Battlefield 3 weapons (confirmed)

A complete, official list of all the confirmed weapons in Battlefield 3.

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Solid_Snake-2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

think a lot of these weapons need moving around. showing assaults in support and snipers in support.

correct me if i am wrong

EDIT: some weapons have been miss spelt and also what is the M27 IAR doing in light machine gun.

also 2 types of p90???????

Elwenil2839d ago

The M27 IAR (Infantry Automatic Rifle)is a replacement to the M249 SAW and is considered a light machine gun. It's not much different than the other assault rifle based LMG platforms.

The P90 TR is a triple rail equipped P90 that will probably come into play with the accessories available for unlock in the game.

lil Titan2838d ago

how many scopes are there? and i cant find some of the ones i searched on google. all i really want to know is there a scope that switches from the red dot to 4x scope in BF3?

Dee_912838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

that entire carbine list is incredible
looks like the mane category il be using

i literally can not wait
i rented bf2 and it was the only multiplayer that brought me in like the old COD did
I didnt even do the SP i just did multiplayer for months
I was going to buy it but I said il just for bf3

Spitfire_Riggz2839d ago

Portable anti air launchers!! I guess with the amped up air threat we need a way to counteract it!

Orpheus-Telos2839d ago

Yup, would be kinda hard shooting down planes/helicopters with an Assault Rifle or even a Handgun. xD

xYLeinen2839d ago

i could not be more happy with the amount of weapons..

Miiikeyyy2838d ago

I'm quite surpised, There's way more than I expected :o

iamnsuperman2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

There is a lot of weapons here (more than most games).I just wished there were more (like hundreds). Never going to happen in games but I can still dream

on a small note where is the MP5. Its pretty standard for modern shooters

Loko232839d ago

MP7 is the new standard


MP5 are pretty out of date now. Just because it is in CoD doesn't mean it is being used a lot still. See MP7

iamnsuperman2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I actually looked around about this and apparently the UMP is the successor to the MP5 while the MP7 was made to rival the P90 and to be used as either a pistol or a sub machine gun

The MP5 may be old but it was a sub machine gun should be. Able to kill but not go through somebody. Look at Wiki list for who uses it. It is old but to ignore it is a little odd because it is a very well used weapon. To say it is not used a lot is an understatement (85 different countries)

rabidpancakeburglar2839d ago

I hope to god that the shotguns won't be able to shoot so damn far in this as they could in BC2

one2thr2839d ago

Actually a slug round can travel those distances, but tend to be less accurate and buck shots (pellets) can travel quiet a distance as well, but distance and power and accuracy decrease greatly after 60 yards ( If I'm remembering it correctly)

rabidpancakeburglar2839d ago

Well I've been shot from some pretty damn far distances(with seemingly good accuracy) with what is supposed to be a close quarters weapon so I'm not a fan of that kind of realism.

one2thr2839d ago

Lol yeah I know what you mean, I myself have given so called "snipers" headshots from great distances especially with the Neostag (that weird lookin shot gun) or the Spaz-12

Sheikah2839d ago

Yup. Saw some weapon demonstrations where they told fact from fiction. opposite to common belief, shotgun pellets do *not* magically vanish when they travel longer than 50 metres ;)

DanSolo2839d ago

Yeh I have had people shoot and kill me with a single shot from half way across the map with a shotgun... just not possible in real life as the power is gone from that type of round!

The other day I went shotgun recon for a change of pace and I was finding that I was getting some pretty easy kills from a distance with the shotgun and it really didn't feel right..... still I happily ran around taking advantage of it though!

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Rearden2839d ago

Agreed. Sniping with shotguns across the map was retarded in BC2

meshuganeh2839d ago

I was really hoping for the Israeli Tavor TAR-21. Oh well

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