Twisted Metal New Screens Released

New Twisted Metal New Screens Released.

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detroitmademe2839d ago

This Games multiplayer will be able to compete with the best of em as far as the fun factor goes.I just hope people will try it before judging it.I hear guys say “yea well im not spending $60 on a vehicular combat game.” yet thier 1st in line for the next fps. I dont get it.Also anyone who played TM knows that the gameplay is very deep& strategic.This game is closer to a fighter& far from a racer

waltyftm2839d ago

Well said, loads of gamer's grew up with Twisted metal on the PS1 and PS2, so for them the PS3 version will be a must buy.


Agree with you both. I cannot wait, wish it didnt get delayed but I want the vision perfect. And they have alot of work to do since it is now an Mature game.

TheLastGuardian2839d ago

Screens look great. I wish we could get like 20 new TM screens released at once. Twisted Metal is my most anticipated game ever.

Grrrrr these damn GamingBolt articles always freeze my PS3.

Vynzent2837d ago

I still can't believe how hot the new dollface is... ahem... anyway, I wish I had a PS3, I'd buy this game before any others, always been a huge TM fan, the funnest game I've ever player. Sadly I am a PC gamer... sadly :(