Confirmed: Alan Wake not cancelled, Microsoft has exclusive rights

Mika Reini, the office manager at Remedy Games (developer of Alan Wake,) has confirmed in the official forum that the rumor of a "big Microsoft's first-party title" getting cancelled has nothing to do with Alan Wake. The official forum moderator's announcement:

"Moderator Note:

Alan Wake is NOT the Xbox360 game rumoured to be cancelled. Please see the comment by MikaRMD at the bottom of this thread.

Also please note that Microsoft still has exclusive publishing rights to Alan Wake (regardless of the fact that Remedy is a third party developer and owns the IP) and as such Alan Wake is NOT going to appear on the PlayStation 3. It is a PC and Xbox 360 title."

MikaRMD (Miki of Remedy) wrote: "This rumor has nothing to do with Alan Wake as we're busy developing the kick-ass game you've been waiting for (unless someone forgot to tell us about it... )"

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Douchebaggery4932d ago

Is that even news, one dude say a game might get canceled without even naming the game and everybody gets their knickers in a wad, do we need a post for every MS exclusive that are not being canceled?

ShiftyLookingCow4932d ago

awesome news, I am glad Alan Wake is doing fine. Also I have a feeling since its Vista exclusive, it is going to support Achievements like in Gears of War. I will be getting the PC version if that is the case.

The Dark Knight4932d ago

awsome, i still reckon this whole rumor is BS though

dachiefsman4932d ago

with all the positive publicity going around the 360 it is hard to see Microsoft actually canceling a project....

I really thought they were gonna be able to pump out some AAA titles with the Rare acquisition, but their games have been dismal besides the Conker port to the Xbox IMO. I hope Rare can pull a next-gen Conker...that would be so awesome.

solidt124932d ago

I am looking forward to this ame after reading what the story is about. There isn't anything else out like it.

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The story is too old to be commented.