Diehard GameFAN: Cryptic’s Neverwinter Delayed

DHGF: While Neverwinter is supposed to come with the Foundry, a utility from Cryptic first introduced in Star Trek Online, this version was supposed to come a bit more expanded from its initial launch in Star Trek Online but would still be somewhat less capable than the one that came with the Bioware and Obisidan developed Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2. Even so, the Foundry has proven to be something I’ve come to really enjoy in Stark Trek Online. There are some hit or miss releases there as with any User Generated Content, but with Neverwinter we’d be able to apply it to the Dungeons and Dragons rules and setting, which I happen to love playing and running on the tabletop so being able to play something new with my other online friends while being able to torture them with my own plots I’ve been subjecting my table-top friends to really appealed. And yes, I know I could go for the Bioware or Obisidian title for that, but I liked the simplicity of the foundry and one click sharing and playing with my friends.

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