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NukaCola3330d ago

Jeez this is impressive

clank5433330d ago

yeah, it looks pretty fun!

It seems like sony is really are trying to have a great lineup of games for this device. The only thing I hope is that they don't put them out all at the beginning and then we have a year of absolutely nothing. If they put these games out in piecemeal allowing time for word of mouth to kick in, I think they could really have a winner here.

ivanjp18823330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

WHAT???????? then i guess its just me, cause yeah its cool and all, but that gameplay and graphics broght me a flash back to when i was playing resistance 1 on the ps3 when it first came out. so why would i want to play games that are gonna look like 1st gen ps3 games? no thanxs for now, ill buy one in 3 years when the graphics look like KZ3 on the ps3. then ill be impresed. oh and when they add glasses free 3D like that one sprint cell phone and the 3DS. then ill be happy to buy 3 PSVs'

rustyspoon803330d ago

You're complaining that a handheld has PS3 quality graphics?

ivanjp18823329d ago

ps3 graphics from 2006 my friend........i like to move forward and live in the present and futures. sony's psv is wanting me to go backwards.

Inception3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Than you don't have to play it and stick with PS3. Other people wants to play this game, including me. Simple, right???

ivanjp18823329d ago

hey, u know wut? its simple. your guys do what sony wants you to do, and thats to take your your money away for a device and games that will be ALOT BETTER, and that can do alot more things, in 3-4 years, AND for a way cheaper price. remember nov 2006? there was a fat ass machines called a 60gb ps3, and that it was priced at $600, but people like all u would pay $1000's? well now there is a slim and better machine, called a 320gb ps3, and a free $65 dollar game for $300. GET THE POINT?

Studio-YaMi3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

dude do you have issues ?
this is a HANDHELD !!!!!!

you can't play with your PS3 on the go ! you can't put it in your pocket and play it at the train station or in a bus ! or relaxed on your bed !!! your comment is just full of major fail that I can't even....ahhhhh *head blown to pieces !!!*

Inception3329d ago

dude, i bet he doesn't know the words "handheld". cause if he knew, than he will not make a fuss about this stuff XD

lol u'r post doesn't even make sense
go back to u'r cave dude :P

miyamoto3330d ago

Man this Resistance game is fantastic!

Touch screens really are the future!

r213329d ago

PART of the future, touch screens will never replace buttons.

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