The DotA 2 Story (And beta sign-up) Nunez writes about the controversy surrounding DotA 2 and how it can effect the game. He shows his excitement for the new title, but also concern for how it will be viewed by the community. Info on the Tournament and beta sign-up.

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shikamaroooo3081d ago

I'm going to miss the Warcraft voices

Laika3081d ago

me too. they are classic.

NuclearDuke3081d ago

Remember what upsides you get compared to losing the voices/skins.

I personally still think Blizzard did the best models ever with WarCraft III and the voice acting was superior to any game I've played since WC3's release.

Yet, I find comfort in knowing that I will no longer find myself unable to enter a game because my net dropped for two seconds, reconnection is finally in!