Infinity Ward works "through the night" to fix COD4

Infinity Ward is working at full steam to fix the crippled online servers for the PS3 version of Call of Duty 4, after they were "slammed" by the rush of players. In an update this morning, Infinity Ward said they're "upgrading all server hardware as well as dedicated an individual database to each functionality to improve performance and handle the traffic hitting the servers. (i.e. Database for Matchmaking, Database for Leaderboards," which should lead to smoother play for eager gamers.

The incredible Call of Duty 4 hit shelves last Friday, and the high traffic on the online gameplay servers has caused irate gamers to experience a string of connection errors over the weekend.

Infinity Ward says "the server team has been working on this all weekend, and will be working through the night" to fix the online functionality of the game.

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mighty_douche4935d ago

well they should of sorted it out before release huh!

i havent been able to play a single online game yet and they'll get no sympathy from me about having to work through the night.


Mark 14935d ago

@@@______(*) THE BOABY...

The_Engineer4935d ago

how many PS3 owners were waiting for this title...the NPD on this title should prove interesting as to whhich version sold more.

mighty_douche4935d ago

is how many ps3 copies get returned over the next few days if they cant get their act together!

i know mines gonna be one of them!

ceedubya94935d ago

will sell more copies easily due to its install base. However, this will probably be one of the highest selling games on the PS3 in a long time.

FirstknighT4935d ago

No problem on the 360 side. Once again the ugly face of the PSN shows up. Sucks for you guys. Oh well...back to some online fun. :)

mighty_douche4935d ago

well i guess the 10 xbox owning friends that havent been able to pay all weekend are just making it up then huh?

Wolfmoonstrike4935d ago

so uh resistance and warhawk run without lag but cod4 runs with and has problems, so it's psn's fault not the devolopers who didn't beta test for the ps3. riiiiiiight move along troll.

Lucifous4935d ago

It's nothing to do with PSN, it's Infinity's "fault".

thereapersson4935d ago

What's wrong with you fanboys? Not getting enough satisfaction outside of the internet?

This isn't the PSN's fault, it's IW for not anticipating how much traffic the PS3 version's servers would get. And all this requires is a fix of the server network and some expanded server support. PSN will still remain free after that as well.

Bathyj4935d ago

The only ugly face here is yours and the only online fun you have is trolling and gayporn.

As if you were happily fragging away and only stopped to drop in and comment on this story. We all know thats all you ever do.

Bonsai12144935d ago

does the 360 actually have any dedicated serves? or is it using the p2p network strategy used by live?

ER1X4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago )

Forgot to mention that "Live" crashed over the weekend and again tonight, eh douchebag?

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P4KY B4935d ago (Edited 4935d ago )

That would have prevented this problem.

Edit: I am an xbox owner and my COD4 runs online like Michael Johnson.
The only problem i have had was checkpoints not working during the bunker level during single player on veteran. I had to do the entire level with no checkpoints. It took ages and resulted in lots of swearing.

mighty_douche4935d ago

theres not ecuse for this apart from sloppy testing. many games get released without beta's and have no issues.

they're even suggestting that its peoples fault due to their home networks/routers <-- that is BS.

Oh and buy the way many xbox owners are having the same problem, so whats their excuse for them? they had a beta?

Close_Second4935d ago

...for Infinity Ward (IW) in terms of Xbox Live and PSN. Does IW have more of an incentive to develop for Xbox Live over the free PSN?

I'm not sure however, I dare say getting a PS3 COD4 beta like that released for the 360 would have ensured these problems were dealt with before the game was released.

Wolfmoonstrike4935d ago

Has anyone had problems with their rank getting knocked down? because that is what annoys me the most. I like the mp for the game (like how you can create a class) but sucks if you can't play it, thank you infinity ward for trying to clear this up but if you had beta tested for the ps3 this could of been avoided.

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