Justifying Call of Duty and its Relevance in the Industry

GameZone: "Is it just me or has the Call of Duty franchise been getting a lot of hate lately? Whether it’s due to the fact that the series is published by the overwhelmingly despised industry giant Activision, or because it’s the best selling franchise on the market, one truth remains, the series is home to some of the best first-person shooters of this generation. Let’s not forget that before the original Modern Warfare, Halo dominated the Xbox Live charts, serving as the console’s de facto first-person shooter. Call of Duty has since changed that, with Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops currently topping the charts as the two most popular games on Xbox Live. There’s a reason why they’re so popular, and no, it’s not because they’re military-based “bro” shooters. It’s because they’re actually good, giving little reason to doubt that Infinity Ward’s upcoming Modern Warfare 3 will be any different."

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Inside_out2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

...that is in short supply around these parts.

COD is the massive entertainment phenom that it is BECAUSE of games like Battlefield 3 and it's antiquated, old as health packs game play, silly jets and tanks that slow game play down to a crawl. It's like comparing a cruise missile to RPG...O_o

The fanboys are just jealous, as usual, acting like the PC fantasy trailers are going to be the way the game looks and plays even as the beta that just finished showed its not even close, even as EA implements pay schemes like VIP and play passes trying to force gamers to hold on to their inferior doesn't matter.

The truth will come out as it is slowly now sinking in how embarrassing the PS3 footage was today and as the " REAL " beta will's all been a farce on the part of EA-Dice. Only a very select few, if any, will experience Battlefield 3, the way it's being and see.

Activision has been completely straight with gamers of the series and that will be evident when the game is about to launch, as parking lots everywhere fill up for the midnight launch and as the trade ins for battlefield 3 mount. :o


lance422839d ago

I couldn't agree more. Most of the people leaving for CoD for BF3 don't have top of the line gaming rigs to make it look how they show it. They'll walk away, disappointed, and do a slow walk of shame back to CoD.

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2839d ago

this BF3 PC thing is getting blown out of proportion, we are talking about mariginal differences between the PC and consoles, where has the exxageration has reach a point where its being claimed by someone like yourself that BF3 on consoles is unplayable which is ironic cause the primary market for BF3 when it comes to sales is the consoles lol.

that said, the caspian border footage looks incredible but MW3 is king, it hype worldwide is still positive, especially when multiplayer footage comes out. No doubt there has been a backlash towards COD and its lack of innovation when it comes to tech, but no way will this affect sales, MW3 is the most relevant game in the industry.

-Alpha2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

The primary market may be console gamers because there are more of them, but the primary aim of Battlefield 3 is PC gamers and that is undoubtedly where the strength lies

Marginal differences? We do not even know how the 360 version looks nor do we know full details of the console versions. The gameplay experience will be significantly different. If there are 4 jets, that just leaves 10 on 10 MP on consoles. That is a very small amount compared to 64 players on much bigger scale maps.

Communication and teamwork works on a much larger scale and with features like command rose, gameplay experiences become superior on PC.

MW3 is king of nothing, except for sales. It is relevant for all the wrong reasons.

a_squirrel2835d ago

Inside_out thinks WE are lacking common sense

wenaldy2839d ago

Regenerated health is for pussies.. there you go...

GroundsKeeperJimbo2839d ago

Honestly it could look like Bad Company 2 on the consoles and I would care less. The game-play is what always brings me back to the Battlefield games.


more cod haters expected... *yawing*.. its now boring. get a life u cod trolls.

bumnut2838d ago

I was playing COD while you were still swimming around daddys nutsack.

That was back when it was a serious shooter, not the child/noob/retard friendly experience it is now.

Zombie mode makes me weep for what has happened to COD, it all started out so great back in the day.

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lance422839d ago

No one can deny what Infinity Ward/Activision has done with Call of Duty. It is a force to be reckoned with.

Sticky__Rice2839d ago

I love Call Of Duty. But it's not the only game out there. No reason to hate on it.

3GenGames2839d ago

It's relevance in 2007 was that it is awesome and a good game with a thrilling starting story line. Now, it's not, because nothing has changed except all the tech building other games make it look like a joke.

lance422839d ago

Never did I say it was unplayable. I'm saying that people leaving MW3 are used to that game and the way it plays. If they're going because it looks gorgeous, they have to realize that the footage they see might not be attainable for them.

I myself am buying both. Because I believe both will be amazing.

If you can show me where I said "BF3 is unplayable" then I'll shut up.

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