Pro-G's Monday Morning Rant: 'Developers, give us endings we deserve'

Pro-G writes: "When you play a game you invest a good deal of time in it. Some games only take five hours, others take 20 hours or more, yet there's one thing that will stay with you longer than anything else: the ending. A good ending can lift a good game into great territory, while an OK game can suddenly seem a whole lot better. So why is it that so many games end on such bum notes?"

"Firstly, I present you with an example of how to do it right: Call of Duty 4. I'm not going to spoil things for you, but the ending will live with me forever and CoD4 will always be the game I bring up when talking about great endings. The guys at Infinity Ward just nailed it, not only in the stunning final moments that had me gawping at everyone in the room to make sure they had seen what just happened, but also the entirety of the last level. And it didn't end there, with more brilliance during and after the credits."

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iilluminate4929d ago

This is an important issue. Despite games advancing graphically the storytelling aspect across the various platforms is largely underdeveloped and doesn't match the standard of the gameplay. Stories seem to be low on the priority list, behind the likes of gameplay and graphics, but for games to really compete with films we need greater investment in high quality scripts and plot. So many games today have predictable stories and although some gems do exist there are a lot of generic stories around.

When we look back over the years the most memorable games, such as Final Fantasy VII, are those with real investment in the storylines. Although I enjoyed Gears of War I can't even remember the ending, and the dialogue throughout was unimaginative and these detracted from its long term contribution to gaming.

There are some games like Mario, to which a story isn't necessary, but we still need more high quality involving story driven games. At the very least we deserve a decent ending!

Prismo_Fillusion4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

I'm usually a super Wii defender on N4G - but Nintendo is pretty awful at story-telling. There are so few games on the Wii with any story at all. The best two games on the system are Zack and Wiki and Mario Galaxy - neither of which have a story beyond the reach of a 3 year old. The other systems don't fare much better though - the story of Gears was completely forgettable the moment the game ended. Halo 3 didn't even truly end - and I'm talking about and ending where you say to yourself "Well...I guess that really was the last Halo game", which is what you should say after you "Finish the Fight". I can't say I know as much about PS3 games, but games on Sony systems do seem to have better story-telling - R&C, FF, etc. Crud, I'm ranting again.


Edit: I should've given props to Mass Effect though, obviously.

ShadoWulf4929d ago

Yeah, Nintendo's lack of good story really annoys me. The Metroid Prime series had such potential, but they went all-gameplay and left the story very ambiguous and unclear. I'm hoping some of their new games, like Disaster, will have better storylines.

ceedubya94929d ago

It would be so much better if game endings weren't such an afterthought at times. In lots of cases, a crappy ending can kill an otherwise great game. Call of Duty 4s last level simply amazing. it really made you feel like you were in an intense movie action sequence, and the way you get to finish it off was just icing on the cake. There are a lot of games that get a good ending right, but then there are so many that really get it wrong. One of the best ending I can remember seeing was the end to Final Fantasy X.