Castlevania: The Complete Chronicles to be announced soon?

Rejoice, ‘vania fans. Here’s something that’s certainly going to spark much talk until it’s made official or debunked– hopefully the former. A recent listing has just been leaked which gives us a huge run-down of games coming to the Playstation Vita, as the source reports. Now, some of the games included on the list– like Silent Hill HD Collection and Metal Gear Solid: Rising– have only been announced thus far as being for home consoles, so perhaps this list is for Sony platforms in general rather than just the Vita, exclusively.

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Evildoomnerd2839d ago

If konami were to make a Castlevania Collection, what are the odds they would make it similar to the MGS collection by adding Chronicle, Lament of Innocence, Curse of Darkness, and Dracula X Chronicles perhaps? But then it would be a crime NOT to have Symphony of the Night included.

synchroscheme2839d ago

Agreed, but since they left the original MGS out of the MGS collection(at least for non-japanese copies), I suppose it's possible.

Still, SotN has aged really well. It's still a lot of fun to this day.

strange19862839d ago

SotN is already available the PSN so I doubt they would include it. Either way though, this sounds quite intriguing.


I will spit in the face of konami if this collection comes to life and does not include the castlevania 64 games.

hate all you want but certain aspects of those games were incredible!!

Lord_Sloth2839d ago

They couldn't be any worse than Lords of Shadow.


yes friend, that game was pretty terrible. as a standalone game, LOS was pretty decent but it just wasnt a castlevania game. nothing about the game gave you a sense of fright like the 64 ones did. and WHERE the hell was the whip? last i checked, the 2d symphony of the night was not a hack n slash.

i actually downloaded the demo yesterday just because i really want a new game to play and it seemed like a nice fit. let me tell you that after i was all finished, i did NOT make a trip down to my local gamestop.

Dio10802839d ago

Sorry you missed out on a really good game. It may not have the scare to it but the Demo wasn't even a 1% of the game...

The_Devil_Hunter2839d ago

@ DUBSTEP Lords of Shadow is phenomenal im really sorry you havent played it, my favorite game of 2010..

TheDivine2839d ago

Need the ds games in a xbla/psn bundle for 30 or 15 each. Love those games.