PlayStation 3 Now $249

Jack Tretton, President & CEO, writes:

"Hello PlayStation Nation,

I have some exciting news to share with you today. As many of you know, it has been nearly five years since the PS3 first came to the U.S. market with its built in Blu-ray player, integrated hard-drive, built-in wireless, and unmatched hi-def gaming. Today, more than 50 million PS3’s have been sold worldwide, more than 2,495 Blu-ray titles are available and the PS3’s expansive portfolio of games and video content on PlayStation Network exceeds 60,000 titles."

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jahcure3077d ago

Even more value for the money!

gaffyh3077d ago

Would have been a much bigger megaton if it dropped to $199, but this miniton is quite good too.

3077d ago
squallheart3077d ago

YATTA YATTA !!! goingg to buy another one now woot. ^.^ Arigatou gozaimasu

saladthieves3077d ago

Yes, $199 would be a good price, but if you look at the amount of stuff included inside your PS3, $249 is a freaking good price. Sales are bound to pick up after this price cut.

Higher priced SKUs are usually due to higher storage. But since you can upgrade/replace your PS3's HDD for ridiculously cheap prices, I'd say this is an incredible value to consumers!

sikbeta3077d ago

Sure $200 price would make wonders for the PS3, but well done, $250 makes it more appealing and more accessible...

nix3077d ago

*waits for 'DID SONY REDUCE THE PRICE BECAUSE IT'S SELLING LESS THAN 360 IN US?' and other idiotic articles*

if you still haven't picked up PS3.. i think it doesn't get better than this.

chainer30003077d ago

I'm very pleased with a 250$ price point. My ps3 fat from ~Nov 06' is finally starting to shit out on me (graphics flicker and morph), time to get a replacement.

darthv723077d ago

price drops are a good thing. It is closed minded people that want to spin them into something they arent.

I can see a bundle next year when Vita releases. Get the ps3 and vita for $499 with 1 yr of PS+ and maybe a game or two.

firemassacre3077d ago

im buying the infamous 2 bundle, who is with me!

Boody-Bandit3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

I'm surprised they didn't bite the bullet and go $199. <- That is the price point where big sales take place.

I'm wondering if Vita's price point has anything to do with Sony going to $249 instead of $199. Not having their home console cheaper than their new handheld? Either that or I guess the PS3 is still expensive to manufacture for Sony. There is a lot of power and features under the lil black hood.

SilentNegotiator3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

I think I'll have to get myself a slim. I'm trying to save on electricity (Both for financial and ethical reasons) and the slim uses half the power.

It's too bad they couldn't kick it another $50, but this certainly a nice cut.

MostJadedGamer3077d ago

$199 is certainly what is needed at this point.

JL3077d ago

Yea, I would've loved to hear that it dropped to $199. That would've been awesome. But even this is good. Hell, I think even $300 is a good value, but it was due a price drop at this point.

While it's not as good as a $100 price drop, this price drop is good enough for me as it will save me $50 since I need a new PS3. Blu-ray drive is giving out :(

lil Titan3076d ago

its crazy to see how far the PS3 has come, with pricing and games. by far the best experience i bought and im talking when the PS3 was $600 now there no reason not to get a PS3

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-Superman-3077d ago ShowReplies(1)
gaffyh3077d ago

Same as what it is currently, $299 vs 299 euros. I believe it's because similar exchange rates + more taxes in Europe.

JBSleek3077d ago


It's a shame!

S_C3077d ago

Totally Agree thats a difference of £67 WTF. If They Had Made It £150 i would of gone out this weekend and bought one

falviousuk3077d ago


Jinxstar3077d ago

Another of the big contributing factors to US vs EU is how much people get paid. If a Police officer in Maryland (Where I live) makes 45k a year and a cop in Manchester makes 45K a year then you balance out... Kinda works out that way... plus VAT and everything else... The price imo is fine...

Ulf3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

/agree with the tax comment.

After you factor in typical ~20% sales + income tax to the US price (no VAT in the US, and VAT is included in the Euro price), it is almost exactly the same as the Euro price.

HappyGaming3077d ago

250 Euros = 360 U.S. dollars = 219 British pounds
174 Euros = 250 U.S. dollars = 152 British pounds

Just not cool even if you add 20% tax...

insomnium23076d ago

The tax is 23% up here in Finland.

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Istanbull3077d ago

SONY just won 2011

Congratz Sony!

user83971443077d ago

Watch ms dropping the price for the xbox within a month.

LOGICWINS3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

YUP, Microsoft execs will just cry in a corner and do nothing to retaliate


Btw...did anyone else notice that Vita and the PS3 are currently at the same price point??? This further proves my earlier theory that Vita will receive a price drop before it launches(or within six months of launch).

So many people on here said I was crazy...looks like I'm about to be right :)

Pixel_Enemy3077d ago

"did anyone else notice that Vita and the PS3 are currently at the same price"

Maybe because they are just about equal in power.

LOGICWINS3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

^^ You actually think that the mainstream will understand that? You think that they will accept that a portable console is the same price as its bigger brother?

DUDE, it makes NO sense for Vita to be at the same price point as the PS3. There will be PLENTY of articles about this during the week and as usual the fanboys will cover their ears and close their eyes when confronted with common sense.

Not saying that YOU in particular are a fanboy..but I've encountered MANY comments in which people blindly believe that it will do better than the 3DS @ a $250 price point.

maniacmayhem3077d ago


I thought the same thing when i saw the price.
I think the Vita will go down even more. It doesnt make sense to have a portable and a home console the same price.

LOGICWINS3077d ago

@maniacmayhem- Ah, a man with logic! Why are there so few of us on N4G?!

Ducky3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

... technology isn't priced solely on the hardware's computational capability.
(I felt like being wordy there)
The size also matters.

It is more expensive to cram the hardware in a smaller place, all while maintaining reasonable power consumption.

A 13" laptop will cost more than a 17" laptop of similar specs for the same reason... and why they'll both be more expensive than a desktop with similar specs.

Anyways, early adopters of hardware usually get the short end of the stick. So buying the vita right at launch is for the big fans or those with lots of money (or both)

kneon3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

I think your expectations for the impact of this price cut are a too high.

Sure it will help but it won't be anything like when the slim launched. Same for an XBox price cut, the Xbox is already pretty cheap so another price cut will have even less impact than the PS3 price cut.

Christopher3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

***DUDE, it makes NO sense for Vita to be at the same price point as the PS3. There will be PLENTY of articles about this during the week and as usual the fanboys will cover their ears and close their eyes when confronted with common sense. ***

And yet an iPhone and iPad are more expensive than a Mac mini, which is much more powerful than either device?

Consumers understand the difference between portable and non-portable devices and their pricing.

What consumers will have an issue with is a device that is solely for gaming and not more useful like their iPhones and iPads. Gamers won't have any issue with the devic and its purpose, though.

Ulf3077d ago


Have you checked the price on the iPad 2 lately?

Do you realize that, in terms of tech, its entirely a lesser device than the Vita?

Handheld prices have *nothing* to do with the prices of consoles. Nothing.

LOGICWINS3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

@cgoodno and ulf- I've heard the SAME arguments u guys are making from MULTIPLE people on N4G and(once again) I will tell you the same thing I tell them.

Apple is in a league of their OWN in terms of marketing and consumer familiarity.

We both know damn well that Vita will not be as popular or as sought out as the next the comparison is illogical.

When an iphone/ipad launches, its a cultural phenomenon that is a field day for the media. The last time Sony has this was with the PS3..and that was only because of the monumental success of the PS2.

With Apple at the forefront of popularity as far as portable media entertainment is concerned, there is NO WAY Sony has the luxury of pricing Vita at the same price at its bigger brother.

I UNDERSTAND that Vita needs to be $250 because its more expensive to cram PS3 tech into a handheld..but the majority of gamers don't understand/nor will they accept that its the same price of the Blu-Ray playing PS3.

gaffyh3077d ago

@logic - Difference is Vita is new, PS3 is not. People will know that the Vita costs that much because it is new and portable, but the PS3 has come down to that price after years because it is older.

@MrSancho1 - Wouldn't be surprised, but you can get a 360 in UK now for less than half the price of the PS3, I don't think they will really cut it until next year.

HappyGaming3077d ago

Vita has a higher power to weight ratio :P

skrug3076d ago


OTHER tablets are price similar to IPAD too, so it's not just Apple.

You can also get a better desktop cheaper than a similar spec laptop.

insomnium23076d ago

Could someone please tell Logic that he is comparing 5 year old PS3 to a barnd new Vita? Please?

No matter what you say logic we will see how good a price the Vita is launching with once it hits the stores. If it gets the 3d-treatment then OK you were right. Until then this is nothing to feel proud over for you. Wait and see just like the rest of us. I personally think 250 dollars for Vita is a steal no matter what the PS3 costs. It has nothing to do with it.

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mugoldeneagle033077d ago

But $249 is nice price to pay with a few strong years left, and a growing catalog of great games.

Looks like I'll finally be upgrading to a slim.

CarlosX3603077d ago

I've been waiting for a price drop for quite some time.

A lot will think this is a lot.

princejb1343077d ago

the quest for console domination begins, this is around the same price ps2 started dominating and having crazy unrivaled sales

Crystallis3077d ago

Any price cut people will flock to the PS3. Its going to get huge sales boost. Sony is smart, drop the price $250, reap the benefits for about a year or so then drop it to $199 and gain another huge boost in sales. Sony knows the ps3 is the most sought out console in the world.

iPad3077d ago

i already have a ps3, but i want the ps3 slim.

InNomeDiDio3076d ago

Exactly the same price as my Graphic-Card alone for my PC.

gedapeleda3076d ago

I just bought a new one month ago after my fatty yloded.

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fluffydelusions3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

360 price cut announcement incoming in 3.2.1...

$249.99 for 250gb model
$149.99 for 4gb model

Let's see if it happens

3077d ago
OC_MurphysLaw3077d ago

I actually don't think MS will price drop yet. I think they will wait and see how this effects sales...similar to last price drop. I am betting if they do make a price drop it will be at TGS.

fluffydelusions3077d ago

No way MS will wait that long. MS will either match the price or cut it even cheaper.

MasterCornholio3077d ago

I agree that due to this Microsoft will drop the price of the 360. The question is when though? And my guess would be when Gears 3 launches.

BakedGoods3077d ago

How is Dragonborn's post trolling?

This site's comment system is broken.

PimpDaddy3076d ago

It's trolling because he went on some needless 360 bashing tirade in his comment. This article is about the PS3's price drop. Maybe next time he should stay on topic. The fanboy wars are old and played out. You can get a 360 and PS3 combined for less than the original launch price of the PS3 5 years ago. Maybe instead of bashing the console he doesn't have he should see what he is missing.

I was the same way when I bought a 360 at launch. But once I got my PS3 my tune changed. They are both similarly powered consoles that have their strengths and weaknesses in comparison. They each have "console" exclusives the other doesn't have. No need to hate either console. Better to own them both and have access to each consoles game library and online service.

scotchmouth3076d ago

Agreed with Pimpdaddy.

There is really no reason not to own both.

BakedGoods3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

He wasn't trolling at all. He was stating his opinion and used perfectly calm, rational language.

It wasn't off topic either, quote his last line:

"That's why it's MS that follows Sony's price cuts not the other way around."

People here on N4G are so sensitive to other opinions they immediately label them as 'bashing' and/or 'trolling'. While I don't agree with Dragonborn he made a reasonable point.

As gamers we need to show more respect for each other's perspectives. You guys are just antagonizing otherwise meaningful commentators--causing the very 'fanboy wars' you seem to be against.

Ulf3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

$149.99 is too cheap -- its below the cost to build. MS can't afford to lose that much money in that division, or the stockholders will freak out.

MS only makes a profit on the $299.99 model. They could probably cut the price of that model to $249.99, but they won't cut the price of the 4GB model below $179.99, if that... especially since they'd also have to drop the price of their HDD add-on.

Ju3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

I would think, however, MS must react to that price. $249 puts this "mentally" closer to $200 than $300 (IMO), and $199+Live matches that price already, which means, cost benefit is already gone - and enough that impulse buys will compare both prices ($199 vs. $299 will obviously favor the $199, but $249 is close enough to be considered an alternative). But, realistically, I agree. <$199 is a crunch job for the CFO. Every penny counts. I agree with the $179 at min.

CoLD FiRE3077d ago

Microsoft will drop the prices sometime between September and October. Mark my words!

HappyGaming3077d ago

$99.99 for 256mb model with no wifi, hdmi or dvd drive included...

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Prcko3077d ago ShowReplies(2)
Dart893077d ago

Hell yea now i can get my nephew one.And another one for me.

zeksta3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

No doubt we were all expecting that to happen :)

Anyway, it was a superb showcase of games they had there, the $99 PSP with no WiFi is a slight let down, but if they include Ad-Hoc that'll be fine.

Christopher3077d ago

PSP w/o WiFi will just require updating via PC.

Jinxstar3077d ago

Or games. New games have the latest firmware updates on them usually.