Konami Curious if Japan Wants the PS3

The Konami booth had a MGS4 trailer and had folks fill out a questionnaire to receive a Metal Gear book The Konami questionnaire featured very basic questions: What's your gender? How old are you? Where do you live? What consoles do you own? Blah, blah, blah. One question did jump right out at me. Here's Q2. in English:

This is a question for those who do not own the PLAYSTATION 3. Do you have plans to purchase it? Why is that?
1). I will purchase it (Reason:
2). I won't purchase it (Reason:
3). Undecided (Reason:

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sonarus4932d ago

before you get all excited 360 sales of mgs4 would bomb heavily in japan. if the questionaire was posed to a region where 360 was taken seriously then you can get excited. disagree if you like but i speaks the truth and also the fact that kojima and his team have been shouting ps3 only for the past yr while the rest of the world (at least the ps3 hating world) jst want it for 360 so bad they keep hearing sumthin else. If you hate ps3 so much jst let it go its just mgs4. If you love mgs4 more than you hate ps3 then jst get urself a ps3.

chelcho4932d ago

If Konami is going to make MGS4 for x360 they wouold ask:
What is maximum number of dvd's for one game you can stand?

GoLeafsGo4932d ago

Sonarus, you're talking to someone that owns a PS3, and a PS3 alone (at least atm).

Anyway, if it were to go 360, it wouldn't be STRICTLY for Japan. It would be for Japan, AND..yes, AAAAAAAAAND EU and the US.
So although sales in Japan may not be superb, they will be sales nonetheless, and the rest will come from the US and EU.

Also, there's no way Konami's gonna water this thing down for the Wii.
That'd be the ultimate *****-slap to any gamer.

sonarus4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

bringing mgs4 to the 360 wouldnt be to target japanese 360 owners but to target EU and NA 360 owners. If this was the real reason behind the questionaire wouldnt they have asked gamers the same question at the e for all convention???? jst a thought. Asking japanese gamers would you buy mgs4 on the ps3 and then assuming if not the ps3 then the japanese would buy it on the 360 isnt really likely. They are simply trying to measure the impact their game has on the system and measure how much of a system seller mgs4 really is.

Also i am no fanboy i am a gamer i try very hard to play the best games on whateva system i bought a 360 when gears came out bought a ps3 in january and i will probably be buying a wii as much as i dnt want too i jst really wanna play mario galaxy

ravinash4932d ago

They want to know if people don't have a PS3, then they can find out the reasons why?
That way they can make a product that they they do want.

So where was the question asking do you own a Xbox 360?

WIIIS14932d ago

Konami does not need to know about 360 sales. They just want to know if there is going to be sufficient PS3 sales in Sony's homeground to... I dunno, justify exclusives?

Bubble Buddy4932d ago

some 360 fans don't even like or want the game, they just want it on the 360 so they can bash the ps3 >.>

CyberSentinel4932d ago

Or They could ask:

How much of that tiny 40 gig hard drive do you have left to pre-install ANOTHER game.

Wasn't Blu-ray's creation meant to remedy all data restriction issues?

Blind Lemmings, You Fell For The Hype.


Ps3's BD drive is slower than sh!t and needs UNCOMPRESSED data to make up for slower reading speeds. Mass Effect fit easily on DVD9 anything said to the contrary IS JUST PLAIN IGNORANCE.


BrianC62344932d ago

Go ahead and dream about a 360 version. It could come out but a port of the PS3 version will look nothing like the PS3 version. The PS3 version will be huge and look great. To fit it on the tiny DVD will mean lots of compression and either dump lots of the game or put it on three DVDs. If you love MGS so much then buy a PS3 and play the real version Kojima is making.

mark094931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

They want to find out how many people at the booth own/dont own ps3s, and which will buy a ps3, so that they can use that ratio to compare to the general population that owns a ps3 in japan to ultimatly have a rough estimate of how many copies they will sell in that region. IMO

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SuperSaiyan44932d ago

On one hand the game is possible to 'run' on the 360 however the game apparently needs a lot of space...So I think the problem for Kojima is one hand the 360 is the highest selling console and the most sold in comparison the to the PS3 then on the other hand the PS3 blu-ray allows for more space.

I think the reason for this questionnaire is that if you recall quite a while back Kojima said this game is costing a lot of money and to get any return they would have to sell a million or more copies I think it was...Perhaps he is trying to make sure that more people buy the console in order to sell more of the game?

I still don't think MGS4 will appear on the 360 because Kojima needing blu-ray for what he is trying to accomplish.

ceedubya94932d ago

A lot of PS3 owners will buy this game. Plus, by the time it comes out, the PS3 install base should be a little bit higher.


Face it Xfarts you will never get MGS4

Skerj4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

Here we go again. ..

(not peeking back here because it's going to get really ugly later on)

mesh14932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

why do i want mgs4 when 360 games look and play better than a recycled franchise that only showed inovation when games were getting stale mgs1 was the best in the series now it just another 3rd person shooter .

sonarus4932d ago

lol when mgs4 drops like ign said YOU WILL BUY IT.

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